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Better World of Warships - 4: Matchmaking Monitor

By Crusherheads , July 27, in Gameplay. This is just a example Games like that are very rare and even in them, you can still make a difference and be useful. Suicide is not an answer. Imagine you are top tier and your only destroyer on the team decides to suicide, because he doesn't like the matchmaker

If you don't want to be in a battle 2 tiers higher than you, than get to tier Also, since there's always a chance to get up tiered, there's an equal chance of getting down tiered.

Just the core of matchmaking. Last edited by strykerpsg ; 27 Feb, am. Zeka View Profile View Posts. I play 10 v 10 and I consistently have 1 dc on my side of the team, with me being a singular front liner against multiple opposing meat tanks. To whoever decided this is an acceptable pattern I just wana say up yours sir. View Profile View Posts. Or he can stay at tier 4 as it only sees tier 5. As for player disconnects, that has zero to do with the matchmaker.

Better World of Warships - 4: Matchmaking Monitor

It has no clue who has a bad connection etc etc. Originally posted by strykerpsg :.

Originally posted by knightmike :. Woody View Profile View Posts. Matchmaking is find in my eyes. Fustrating sometimes for sure. As i play tier the most, and most of my game at t-8, im use to playing t10s in my tier 8. Its a huge difference, for example most t10 cruisers have more hp then t-6 battleships.

Teaches me to angle and use islands as cover. Teaches me how to manage my repairs and consumables. It makes you better. Today, i played 15 battles in my t8 battleship North Carolina and i would venture to say that 10 of those were against T ships.

But it makes you better. I'm a programmer. I'd happily fix their matchmaker algorithm.

It shouldn't take more than a day. It's not a burden for them to fix their matchmaker. It is a burden to be put against ships 2 tiers higher than my own. I see people complain about it all the time. And your "get good" argument doesn't work.

I heard that matchmaking is based on player's skill and other Within 10 mins your team is left with only 3 ships including yourself while the. And with tier 10 ships and tier 9 freexp premiums there is an 5/10 matchmaking composition would be fine for World of Warships if the. World of Warships/ It determines the maximum level of enemy and ally ships that can be (Example: If two Soviet Gnevny destroyers and two Japanese Minekaze destroyers are present, the matchmaker will attempt to put.

If everybody "got good", it would still be unfair. It just is not competitive and not fun and happens way too often and can be predicted using a third party software. WG certainly has the ability to repair this.

Anyway, the problem of +/-2 tier MM is not limited to Tier 8 battleships. Plenty of ships from tiers suck when uptiered, and having only World of Warships: CV Matchmaking Limits Statement Q/A from (WG) there WILL be more battles of 4v4 or 5v5 ships with 1 CV from time to. Now, when the first player is queued for a battle, the matchmaker's first three minutes will try to mirror team lineups by ship types and tiers.

I am stating strongly that they should. Ave experience reflects those who play with premium, which I and many others don't. It is actually the least relevant metric to consider. Very little is given of the other team, but can be assumed probably safely that they do not match up well with a solidly stacked team. I have often wondered about this since I rarely pay premium.

Just as I do not have time to invest in learning every mechanic of every ship and no time to join a clan or make time to schedule when I can play and division with others, I don't spend a lot of money on WOWS, especially with this issue that i my view hampers the quality of the game.

Good speed – world warships the right ship. In t x matches in. Who can determine the only game. Battle 2. Mmos such as many tier matchmaking changes. So, to justify your inability to beat higher tier ships, Wargaming must redesign matchmaker to meet your inabilities to beat the game? Sounds. Like ships that are at least in my view poorly balanced in that they are rather obviously inferior to other ships in their respective tier and even.

I think it could be better, much better. You said that even though you had little information about the other team in monitor that it was safe to assume that they didn't stack against the other team. You will be surprised sometimes what teams will do. No it is quite consistent.

The predictability. Regardless, I just gave it another shot. Most games not all I played well only to find myself in absolutely hopeless situations more often than not resulting in my being the last player alive. That is I believe seven times in a now I have logged in to play in matches where there has been no chance of having a competitive outcome. Maybe that works for you all. Not me. I've wasted enough time with WG nonsense. WG should be able to do this with some amount of reasonable outcomes.

The battles I have seen recently are very one sided I understand that I will lose a battle by ships if the other side plays well, but the number of losses where my team sinks only ships has become the norm. Obviously, someone benefits by this, as you may have, but you must understand that any game has to be fair to be fun. If average players like my self are discouraged from playing there will be less economic benefit for WG and less development of the game.

This will effect players of all skills, including you. One easy simple solution for them is to restrict the variation in tiers. Either 1 up or 1 down no more of this being a tier 4 facing tier 6 ships or tier 8 facing tier I don't think any of us would be upset if matches were of players those are sometimes the most challenging and interesting.

Not every match has to be 15 to a side, limit the matches to no more than a 1 tier difference and the fun would increase significantly. This is a simple fix, no huge coding issue, no huge dev issue. Oh well, what would you expect from a game you end up spending money on and more so, is Russian made.

I would just love if I would quit being bottom tier almost every match. It especially sucks in a mid-tier ship because at that point is where every class in the game sees significant increases in damage potential.

World of warships ships matchmaking

It used to not be this bad. Honestly they just need to even out the spawning in game. The enemy on that side spawned with a Ognevoi, lighting, moskva, kronstad, and a monty. This kind of lop sided spawning almost guarantees you get rolled and can easily be fixed. You need to play a total of 10 battles to post in this section. Report post 1. Posted August 28, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Report post 2. So you basically want MM tailored to suit you!

Good luck with that! Report post 3. Report post 4. Posted August 28, edited. In other words, it ain't happening. Report post 5. Report post 6. The match making distribution is the same for every player over a large enough sample size. Report post 7. Report post 8. Report post 9. Report post Posted August 29, Assumptions are not something I would recommend making.


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