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How to Wire a Light in a License Plate . It Still Runs

How to: Fix License Plate Lights problem on 2007-2012 Nissan Sentra

Not sure if you have a JL or JK? Check out this guide. Slide the solder seals over the wire before making the connection, twist the wires together and then center the solder ring on the wire connection. Heat gently until the tube and solder rings melts. Never had anything but the best on line experience with Extreme Terrain. Prices are always competitive.

Purchase a license plate light fixture as well as a light bulb.

How to: Fix License Plate Lights problem on 2007-2012 Nissan Sentra

The PM Lights website states that a variety of license plate lights are available, so one should be chosen that will adequately light the plate and match the car's design or color. Determine the proper position to mount the license plate light.

Drill a mounting hole on the underside of the mounting area. The PM Lights website explains that the light needs to be mounted on bare metal in order to create an electrical connection.

Mount and secure the license plate light onto the back of the vehicle using the screws or bolts that were provided. The E Trailer website explains that most lighting systems are powered by a direct-current system with two wired ends. A positive and negative terminal is required for the light to work.

Ground the light's electrical connection by making sure that the light is placed on bare metal underneath the mounting location. Pull out the license plate lamp assembly and remove the stock license plate bulb.

See how easy installing these LED license plate lights are? It's almost unbelievable how a quick and simple installation could make such a difference. Cancel: I did not complete this guide.

My rear harness was FUBAR'd from the PO's trailer light install so I installed a new one but I forgot to hook up the license plate light. I got pulled. Locate the wire that controls the taillight circuit in order to establish the positive terminal. Connect the wire from the license plate light to the wire from the taillight .

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The OE license plate lights on my '14 have a black wire and white I can't remember the bulb number that works with that set up but they. Simply connect your original license plate light wire to the GREEN wire on the LitePLATE. Ground the BLACK wire and the license plate should light. If you wish . What color wire do I connect the black and white tag wires to? The license plate light of a trailer will need to tap into the running light circuit of.

Difficulty Very easy. Steps 5.

Time Required 15 minutes. Sections 1. License plate bulbs 5 steps.

If your license plate light is not working or if you want to install the LED license plate light to your vehicle, follow the easy step-by-step guide below. Installing the . You will need to use a quick splice, item # SWC, and splice the black wire from the LED Trailer License-Plate Light, item # LPL55CB, into the tail light. If you wanted to change out your license plate lights, installing new LED license plate lamps is actually quite a piece of cake. You will have a new look with.

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