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Managing Social Media for High School Class Reunion

People like to plan class reunions because it celebrates life's successes of your fellow graduates and reconnects you with old classmates. Here are some things you can do to plan a reunion that can create memories to last a lifetime. To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 89, times. Categories: School Reunions. Learn more Assemble a reunion committee.

Half of marriages end in divorce. Most of those were mistakes to begin with. Please recognize this before you decide to have a child. Really, lemongrass? I know many people who have way more serious issues than we do. We actually have a very loving relationship and we are very much in love with each other. My husband was single for a long time and truly lived the single, bachelor life. Sometimes, he lacks the follow through in thinking about his actions.

He does things innocently but maybe someone takes it a different way. For example, he does photography. He did pictures at a wedding Saturday. I was there.

One of the bridesmaids was a very large, but pretty girl. Anyway the rest of the night, she was eyeing him like delicious candy on a stick. I actually thought it was funny. I mean I was right there. She never said anything to him or did anything inappropriate, but we talked about it when we got home.

She reads DW for crying out loud. Do you want advice or do you want to defend your flirty husband? Someone that needs to snoop because her husband caused trust issues and hugs inappropriately while sending flirty messages to other women should be, at the very minimum, in couples counseling.

How is that not a great reason to go to counseling?! Again, wtf is the point of writing in for advice if you are only going to come back and say your relationship is wonderful and your husband is perfect. Finally, I guess its cool for your husband to say things to a fat girl might as well use the word you wanted to! Give me a break. TheGirlinME July 23,am. Marriage counselling will help you see what is healthy behaviour in a marriage and help you get there.

You just need to work on it. Amber July 22,am. Well, the English language is almost DOA as suddenly no one knows how to speak it properly But, yes. That phrasing reflects the ongoing dumbing down of America It irks me to no end. KKZ July 22,am. English is spoken with different rules and phrases and pronunciations in countries all over the world. I say this all as a reformed grammar Nazi who called everyone out on every little mistake and tore my hair out over dumbing-down of language.

Stubbornly holding fast to a particular manifestation of the rules, and allowing for no variation to those rules, is contrary to everything we know about language. In any case, you said it better. KKZ July 22,pm. Which is to say, all of them.

Holy wow, guys, 17 likes in about 2 hours? My most popular DW comment ever not that I keep track is not even a piece of advice but a lecture on linguistics. Stick to what you know, I guess! KKZ July 24,pm. Joanna July 22,am. This is a tough one The flirting at the reunion is one thing, but the sketchy FB convo is taking it a little too far. Overall, if sounds to me like there are serious trust issues in this relationship, on both sides. Spill it! Good call.

Is the no-spouses rule from the reunion invite or specifically an instruction from the women? Just wondering since the no-spouses statement was credited to the Facebook message specifically. Taylor July 22,pm. Is a no-spouses rule a thing? For reunions or otherwise? My high school has no-spouse reunions. Just the alumnae.

Northern Mermaid July 22,pm. My only reunion so far was really informal and at a bar like not paid for at all, you bought your drinks.

I attended my 15th reunion last month ostensibly because I thought it might If you do hook up with your high school crush, more power to you. than the validation of some now-strangers who were in your math class. Susie stood up, said My mother told me I shouldn't have come, and left. The downside of class reunions is that after a few years people. Has anyone here had success reconnecting and hooking up with girls .. For these people, a class reunion really wasn't necessary since so.

Hardly anyone brought SOs. GatorGirl July 22,pm. But my school is a little weird and hippie-dippie. They were both held at bars, so not kid friendly. Sue Jones July 22,pm. To throw him into a room full of people that I have known almost my entire life with whom I want to do some serious catching up with, and with whom he has absolutely nothing in common would be a disaster.

After 18 years, you figure out what works. Hard to know if LW is unusually jealous and controlling, or if husband is really a cad.

Maybe slightly territorial.

Because a guy that has some questionable unloyal behavior while in a relationship is such a great catch? LadyinPurpleNotRed July 22,pm. Stop snooping and book a nice little weekend get away for you two during the time the event is planned.

Next time a woman is hanging on your husband, walk over and introduce yourself. Nip that shit in the butt.

I mean, sure, it solves the problem, but still. Funny story- GGuy and I where out with a bunch of people Saturday night and I was off talking to these two guys one about when his wife got back from her research trip and the other I was convincing to drink water because he was super drunk.

He was all jealous I was talking to other guys! The next morning he appologized and felt bad for acting so dumb. It was pretty funny. Boosker July 22,pm. Who has time to go to all of these reunions? I agree that the issue is not with the handsy woman but with your husband. Be direct. Be proactive.

Marital counseling seems like a great way to lay the problem on the table and come up with solutions with a neutral third party. Plus, with Facebook, who wants to go?! I wanted to go just to see what everyone looked like, but then I already knew from FB so no need to go! Miss MJ July 22,pm. Honestly, this relationship sounds exhausting. Who has the time or energy to deal with these kind of trust issues? Who is he talking to? Is he flirting? Is it just harmless flirting or is he trying to cheat?

Who is he emailing, texting, messaging, whatever? How do I head off this next potential disaster? Frankly, I have never understood the point of someone giving you passwords to restore trust.

If they want to cheat, they will, and no amount of checking emails, messages, phone stalking or anything else will prevent it. It just creates a bad dynamic. I also see it as a false reassurance, almost like a copout instead of actually getting to the root of the trust issues. Yea, seriously. First of all, I never forced him to give me his passwords! It was his idea. People who cheat tend to be basically non-monogamous or people who enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the honeymoon period of a relationship a lot more than the more settled, more comfortable with each other, loving long-term relationship with less frequent emotional zings.

Some people get off on what they see as illicit sex. Different partners, threat of getting caught, sneaking around fireworks. I know there are exceptions, but most people who feel constrained by a committed relationship and cheat will cheat again repeatedly.

People who enjoy heavy-duty flirting will do so. Changing for a SO is not highly likely.

Quite honestly, your friend sounds like a complete assclown making a pathetic statement like that. He also sounds like the type of guy who lets. Here are three stories about high school and college reunions that are a lot more salacious than I Hooked Up With My High School's Bad Boy. People like to plan class reunions because it celebrates life's Appoint one person to set up conferences and set up meeting agendas.

The more normal approach is to become more furtive and pay more attention to not getting caught. The role of the SO is to be a not terribly exciting but stable home base, from which to conduct your adventuring. Getting to the root, counseling, etc. Handing over the passwords could be a step towards rebuilding the trust.

Sure there could be secret accounts etc, but I know for me GGuy agreeing to hand over all his passwords was a step in him showing me he wanted to rebuild my trust. When trust has been broken sometimes you have to check up on things during the rebuilding process.

I agree that if they truly want to cheat, they will no matter how many times you check their e-mail, but I disagree that having the passwords is trying to control them. Also curious-would you be ok now if he changed them?

I asked. It was one of my conditions post cheating. It was part of the trust rebuilding. But I do think the password thing can be a step in rebuilding trust. But I do know a lot of them just from checking his email while he is driving and the like. Same with him. I do see the distinction bw only having the password access while rebuilding trust, rather than forever in order to trust.

Anyway, thanks for answering! HE created this in our relationship and he knows it. Frankly, this behavior reeks of insecurity, and this behavior jealous, territorial, untrusting and constantly on the alert for a cheating incident when there has never been one is terribly unattractive. And unhealthy for a relationship. I was about to post the same thing. MMcG July 22,pm. This was a long, drawn out, 18 months of communication with this woman and lying to me about it because he knew it would upset me.

He had sex with the woman a few times after we first met and it took her 18 months to tell me that. Read the update below. Yes, I feel that he cheated on me. How long did you date before getting married?

How to Plan a Class Reunion

Because a year and a half of him lying is a pretty long time, no? Spot on! I think this woman gets off on having other women drool over the super sexy man she caught and can whip into place. She wrote in here to brag. I pity her husband. Early in our relationship, a former girlfriend was texting him, flirting with him, etc He asked her to stop contacting him, but did not take steps to block her from his phone or facebook. He was not interested in getting back with her at all, he was just trying to be her friend.

Before he proposed to me, it all came to a head and got a bit ugly. He played a part it what happened by allowing it to continue and not getting rude with the woman. He is genuinely a nice guy and she played on his kindness in a very manipulative way.

She stopped contacting him about a week after we announced our engagement. I am learning to trust him more each day. Is that so wrong? And so because she manipulated him, he lost your trust? Wow way to prove bgm right about things!

LadyinPurpleNotRed July 23,am. Takes all my fun away. If so, than perhaps YOU need to be the one to be a bitch to these women and to nip it in the bud. If he has a kind and passive personality, he does need to grow a spine, if communicating to these women is an issue. Only on one occasion was it this flirty woman. I asked her what her intention was, she got flustered, and walked away.

A bit of directness goes a long way. Sue, I actually DID take the bitch role and handled it. Of course, with his permission. She was constantly trying to get him to come to her house, etc after she KNEW he was in a relationship and living with me. She was ruthless. He should have nipped it immediately, blocked her number, de-friended her on facebook, etc but it took him a little bit to get to that point.

I felt it was very disrespectful to me and our relationship. And several times he lied to me about them having contact only to later find out they WERE. At this point, his contact with other women is extremely minimal, even the flirty woman from the reunion.

They communicate maybe times a year. LIke I said before, he has toned it down immensely. The reuinion thing occured before we were married. He just hugged her.

Class reunion hook up

But it was a bit too long for my liking. If the situation arises again, I will most definitely talk to him and tell him what I expect his response to be. And yes, as you mentioned, I can get verbal about it if it happens in front of me. This is all hilarious. As someone else said, all you have to do is stop responding. If you told someone not to contact you, and they still did, why would you continue to reply? Its so easy to just not reply. They will take the hint.

Who has time for that? Are you worried that the other woman would try and seduce him? HmC July 22,pm. As soon as he got into a serious relationship he stopped responding to me. Hence no more communication. This is going to be a pattern for the rest of your marriage. Women come on to your husband. Allllll this.

And also what landygirl said abovewhat was the actual issue, then? CatsMeow July 22,pm. This was textbook. And I thoroughly enjoyed it! LW, what response where you hoping for?

Someone told one time that the single women only go to hook up. . In contrast my 30 yr. class reunion was kind of subdued and depressing. Set up a class bank account. It's important to know how you're going to cover all the reunion expenses. There are a few different approaches, but you may want. The first whisper reads, "Missed my high school reunion. I thought it was petty, and So what happens when you leave high school and grow up? Some people .

What did you expect is to say? And why did you marry a person you are still rebuilding trust with? No no no. A lot of people on here are very judgmental and it seems you guys get a kick out of bashing people. Lindsay July 23,am. Its not worrisome to you that your options are 1. It sounds like you make way to big of a deal about everything ever, and you are pushing him into these sitautions. Alena July 23,pm. I really needed this pick me up. Totally sincere.

Wilma Nelson August 12,pm. First problem. Second, a reunion with no spouses. Do you live in San Francisco? I could give sage advice if I knew the ages of the participants. It could be real trouble but then again the fem fatale may have something like arthritis of the knee presenting range of motion limitations.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By: Dear Wendy July 22, Columns comments. Last Summer, my husband who was my boyfriend at the time took me to his high school reunion. It was at a local bar and was actually a lot of fun.

I enjoyed meeting everyone and hearing about his high school days. I was sure to give him his space so he could mingle and catch up with all his classmates. Yup, the real issue in their marriage is how she looks. You say we are the shallow ones? Do you really think she should divorce her husband over a girl hugging him a year ago? If you meant the former, then I agree with you. Romy and Michele! That is my total guilty pleasure movie. Kissing on him, hugging on him. Samesies about being a reformed grammar stickler.

Illiteracy is a poverty, not a personal sin. All I have to say is you reap what you sow. Plus I want to meet the kids. Same difference. Being territorial about a person is jealousy. Love that picture!! I do like the idea of just introducing yourself though, rather than watching from afar.

I just think a weekend trip sounds fun. My real solution is to interrupt the lush. On the flip side, nipping shit in the butt is kind of funny, and totally what the LW should do. I was 15 the year both Grosse Pointe Blank and Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion were released, and they both entranced me with their take on the reunion a version of adulthood where you could grow and change into someone better than you awkward teen self, and still somehow be validated by the people who once bullied you in Algebra.

Guys, it turns out that that is not what high school reunions are like. At all. I know many of you are about to attend or are contemplating attending your reunions in the near future for you, I present five things that will almost definitely not happen at your high school reunion. How It's Supposed To Go : You're gonna settle the score, air dirty laundry, and allow the former underdog to rise to the top.

Plenty of people freak out at high school reunionsmostly due to the predictably toxic mix of anxiety and an open bar.

How One R29 Editor Survived Her High School Reunion...& You Can, Too!

But for the most part, no one at high school reunions seems to care about what happened in high school anymore. All of this sets the stage not only for letting go of any lingering high school beefs, but for literally forgetting high school. As I scanned the room at my own reunion, I knew that I must have hated some of these people, but I couldn't quite remember who or why. I found that I had crisper recall of the plot details of Gossip Girl than I did my own high school intrigues.

And, of course, "underdog triumphs at reunion" stories also miss one crucial fact: people who hated high school don't usually go to reunions. In reality, all the Romy and Michelles are probably out with their real friends, rolling their eyes at the idea of wasting time impressing people that they haven't thought about in half a decade. How It's Supposed To Go : You're going to get a second chance at love or at least sex with the person you lusted after in high school who now finally sees your for the emotionally complex and genital-scorchingly hot person you are.

But I'd be willing to wager it's based more on who is attracted to who now, because high school crushes do not age well. And I don't even mean that literally I mean that your sexual tastes have really broadened and changed now that you are a sexual adult who has had actual real adult sex that doesn't involve a curfew or your mom's mini-van. Remember the ecstatic sexual swooning you used to feel when you looked at Justin Timberlake's crunch-perm, or Willow from Buffy 's tasteful crushed velvet Ren Faire ensembles?

OK, how do you feel about those things now? Yeah, your attraction to your high school crush has probably gone the same way. If you do hook up with your high school crush, more power to you. But chances are, they will seem roughly as appealing to you now as Hoobastank, chalupas, those gross hemp necklaces with the little clay bead in the middle, and whatever else you were into in high school.

How It's Supposed To Go : Riddled with anxiety over the fact that your life may not be exciting enough on its own, you make some stuff up. How It Actually Goes : Sure, smartphones have eliminated the possibility that anyone can falsely take credit for inventing the Post-It at their reunion. But I felt like the bigger barrier to this is the fact that you just don't care. My original assignment from my editor was to attend my reunion and be totally honest with everyone there an idea that gave me heart palpitations.

How would my off-center life choices no kids, no marriage, satisfying but low-paying career, ownership of more than fifteen items of certified X-Files memorabilia read to all my former classmates, who were all probably living normal, X-Files -free adult lives?

I actually got nauseated with nerves on the train ride to the reunion, worrying about it. Only to find that I mean, maybe I just got lucky.


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