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LISTERINE Antiseptic: A Very Useful Product . Kilmer House

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It was later sold, in distilled form, as both a floor cleaner and a cure for gonorrhea. Until that time, bad breath was not conventionally considered such a catastrophe. But Listerine changed that. As the advertising scholar James B. Embossed: Listerine, Lambert Pharmacal Company. Listerine Ad with President Hoover

The bottles do have some cloudiness from residue and age. Labels attached and are in good condition.

Dating listerine bottle

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. This page was last updated: Nov No chips or cracks.

Original cork is included and it's inside the botles as shown. The contest began last summer when the mouthwash, first offered in bottles as an antiseptic inwas repackaged in plastic containers. Dating old listerine bottles.

No results matching " ". How old is this bottle? In reply to by Grant Conley. Without seeing a picture of your bottle, it's hard to tell. The bottle in the photo in this post is from circa Without seeing the bottle, it sounds as if its time range could be potentially Nineteen Teens to late s.

If you'll notice, in the oldest ad pictured in this post, fromthe bottle has a fluted or faceted top. In the s the top was rounded. Hope that's helpful! I'm so pleased to have found this great site with a wealth of info as we just found a cork stopper Listerine bottle and wanted official information as to the dates.

old listerine bottle

Many thanks for the great ads as well! As an aside, searching the web I found out that Listerine made it to a display at the Smithsonian, maybe one day we'll get there to see it in person. We had no idea that the humble now plastic bottle of Listerine that is in our bathroom had such an illustrious past! Not too long ago, Wal-Mart used to have the travel size in glass, wrapped with the long-familiar corrugated cardboard packaging.

I foolishly didn't save it unopened, we still have the bottle which I refill, though but wish I hadn't done that as it brought back memories of my childhood while tearing open the overwrap. Maybe one day Listerine can issue a "retro" edition with the original packaging, like some cereal companies have done, retro is in!

In reply to by donna. Without seeing a picture of your bottle, it's hard to tell what era it may be from. If you could send me a picture through the blog's mailbox, I will be happy to take a look and let you know to the best of my ability. Please send the email to: KilmerHouse its. Hi all, I also found a Lambert Pharmacal Listerine Antiseptic embossed bottle with a screw cap in tact. I live in Victoria Australia and am having difficulty finding out more about it.

I found the bottle yesterday while digging in the back yard.

I can't locate a similar bottle anywhere online to investigate. Can anyone shed any light on further details about rarity of this type of bottle?

Just wanted to say Thank you for your site. I have an ancestral home that's been in my family since the very early 's. I have come across many bottles a recent interest in the house that could date anywhere from the 's to the 's.

Among them are several Listerine bottles. All but one are corked top. The information provided in your blog has been wonderful and very helpful with trying to date these bottles.

Thank you again for the information.

Link: Dating old listerine bottles. Pictures are of the actual item you will receive. No chips or cracks. Two runners-up, Duane Dimock of San Diego and Laurie. Dating > Dating old listerine bottles The National Bottle Museum, which judged the 6, Listerine entries, donated the bottle last month to the Smithsonian. Those listerine bottles usually aren't worth much but I have never seen one with the label and the cork. The cork is a rare find. They date from.

I have a bottle with the cork still in it and liquid in it. It has the loop lid and both labels in tact. It says "listerine" on the top and "lambert pharmacal company" on the bottom. The label says "listerine antiseptic" on the label. Also, "trademark registered in u. The back label even mentions it can be used as a douche and an enema. I wonder if it is from the 's? Your help will be appreciated. In reply to by kim base-smith.

Lambert Pharmacal Company, Listerine Ad - The Safe Antiseptic (). Lambert Pharmacal Listerine ad, date unknown. Listerine Ad i have a glass bottle with cork embossed labert chemicals/listerine (interested?) Reply. Old Listerine bottle, glass with paper label ("Lambert Pharmacal Company"), Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. One famous ad showed a bottle of LISTERINE next to a grotesque statue on the . that may be able to help you date your LISTERINE bottle more specifically.

The ring top loop on the cork stopper was actually a corkscrew to be used to open the bottle. Without a photo of your bottle, it's difficult to tell, but it does sound as if your bottle is an early one.

Until somewhere around or a little later, the neck of the bottle was faceted; after that, it was a round neck. If the neck of your bottle is round, it's possible it dates from the s or s. Unfortunately, I don't have access to an image of the bottles pre Hope that helps shed some light! I have a Listerine bottle unlike any described above.

It is rectangular, approximately 4"x4"x1" with a black plastic screw on lid with a cork seal in the top of the lid. It is painted on the outside to resemble tan to brown marble. Then an oval shape with a ring around it and what appears to be a T or I in the oval, in front of ST. In reply to by Ray Greeson. Ray, sounds like a great vintage bottle!

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Nice to find the additional info here. My name is Jordan Wheat Lambert V.

I would be interested in being able to contact Meredith Winn regarding family history and photos. As an added Historical note. I have family documents written by Gerard Lambert indicating Jordan I worked with Dr Lawrence to develop the Product and described the trip he made to the England to ask Dr Lister's permission to use his name. In an incredible side-note several years ago our youngest daughter -then serving in the Army in Georgia as a nurse - met a Captain Lister - the great great great grandson of Baron Lister who gave Jordan the permission.

In reply to How much did Listerine cost by Anonymous. It is intended for visitors from the United States of America. About the Writer. By Margaret Gurowitz.

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Date. about Primary Description. Listerine Bottle. Colorless glass, paper Two mold seams along each side of bottle, with "LISTERINE" above the . I found this listerine bottle while "river combing" while it was still flooded. It looks like a cork top. It's written "listernie". The listerine bottles from the twenties had corktops, not screw on. The first type of . BOTTLE IDENTIFICATION & DATING[2]: Hazel Glass.

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All comments will be reviewed before posting, and if approved, will be shared publicly on the site. This site will not publish any comments that have inappropriate language Leave this field blank. OCTOBER 13, PM I was just hiking on our property in the woods of Downeast Maine and stumbled across one of these glass bottles in perfect condition minus the paper label of course thanx for the bit of historical info.

MARCH 14, PM Hey I found one of the bottles like is pictured on the first page of this site in perfect condition I was just wondering if it has any value other than historical, Or if it is worth anything to the Listerine company. Potential monetary value aside, though, it's a great ad. Regards, Margaret.


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