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How one creative went from filming skating videos in his spare time to working with Adidas. Why Daydream Island needs to be added to your dream travel list. Subscribe To Vogue. Dating can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when the whole world, paparazzi included, is watching your every move. Luckily for these celebrities, they had the help of their A-list friends to find true love. Scroll through to see how some of your favourite Hollywood couples were introduced when their famous friends decided to play cupid. Steinfeld, who is a close friend of Turner, paired the couple after she worked alongside Jonas and his band back in , knowing immediately that the two would be a perfect match!

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Millennials are a strange breed: We want what we want when we want it, but what we want tends to be very specific, and, if the 10 zillion sleek startups out there are any proof, it has to be glossy, user-friendly and full of clean lines. So, then, what are the best dating apps for millennials , who have embraced dating online the way most of us embrace a slice of pizza after a long day's work? Though apps like OkCupid and Match are old standbys, they are the decidedly basic bitches of dating apps, without the bells and whistles — or, should I say, understated ambient music or whatever millennials are most obsessed with these days — of newer, glossier apps that promise dating with a side of pizazz. The dating apps on this list are ones that tend to favor forward-thinking premises over generalized I-want-to-find-love matchmaking, and throw potential lovebirds together because of specialized algorithms. In other words, instead of matching two people because they have a bunch of things in common, these popular dating apps might match you because you crossed each others' paths, or because you have a bunch of friends of friends in common. Here are 10 apps that satisfy the millennial itch to date. How can I not put Tinder first on this list?

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