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Hillforts are the most iconic monuments surviving from Iron Age Britain, dominating academic and public perceptions of the period. This is especially true of Wessex, where many major hillforts have been explored over the years, including Cadbury Castle, Maiden Castle and best known of all, Danebury.

Since Barry Cunliffe began excavating there inthis 16 ha hillfort has stood near the centre of archaeological discourse on Iron Age societies in Britain and beyond. Over 20 years, more than half the interior was explored, whilst from - 15 nearby settlements were excavated. Thanks to this programme, no study of Iron Age societies is complete without reference to the Danebury sites and influential but often conflicting interpretations of Iron Age societies have emerged based largely on its evidence.

Our ability to choose between or improve on the competing social models remains constrained by the lack of a comprehensive 14C chronology for the Danebury sites. In the s, a limited dating programme was undertaken for Danebury, but Accelerator Mass Spectrometry now allows far smaller samples to be accurately dated.

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