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Requested by fangirlsarah You may have moved away from Riverdale but you refused to act like you were no longer a Serpent. The gang back home was your family, they would always be apart of you.

This is exactly why your new classmates in New York spotted you wearing your old leather jacket with the groups logo printed on it. You could feel their eyes on you but you tried to ignore it. So you just continued to place things in your new locker and act as if you had no idea that they were watching.

Two weeks and I'd be out for good.

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Unless of course I found out later you'd landed in the hospital from a concussion that rendered you a temporary amnesiac. I imagine three weeks would be out of the bounds of anyone you'd actually care to date. Ladies who don't get upset when their beau disappears for three weeks are not operating from a place of high self-esteem.


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