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Cryaotic Bio, Wiki, Who is His Girlfriend? His Real Name and Face Revealed

Cry and Angel in: THE FOREST

File: File Imgur:. Also Jund and Sage broke up. Good for him. When's the last time chey was on a stream? Scott and Angel would make a cute couple, but that'll never happen, since she's Russ' friend and I kinda think that Russ hopes she'll become more than just his friend. I haven't been around.

He was brought up with two other siblings in New York. One of the things that have come to be very popular about him apart from his videos is that he so much loves his privacy, and as a result of that, information on how he was brought up as well as his educational qualification still remains very hidden from the public. Although many people have been trying to have his name and face revealed, he has kept that jealously guarded for only those that are very close to him.

Because of that, we may have to wait a little longer to know his real name and see his face. As earlier revealed, Cryaotic became very popular through his YouTube channel.

He began the channel in and by the second half ofhe had already gathered massive subscribers of close to 3 million. With over 2 thousand videos, he has amassed over half a billion views. The success of his channel was due to his expertise in storytelling as well as his video games. The effectiveness of his storytelling is thanks to his rich humor. Also, he has done some collaborations with other YouTubers such as PewDiePie which has added some more followership to him. Apart from YouTube, Cry has also got a rather overwhelming social media presence with a very strong fan base.

While he is approaching half a million followers on Twitter, he has close to a million followers on Twitch and over 30 thousand likes on Facebook. Nevertheless, not all of them are still with the crew. One thing that can be said with all certainty about Cry is that he is a strong supporter of gay marriage. In fact, he has the rainbow flag on his twitter handle and has always shared his support for them.

In this regards, he thinks that people are stupid if they allow what they believe to blind them. Maybe they had some weird falling out him and chey and she's using WOW as her way of escapism. I remember that he joked like "I'm not jealous" but maybe something actually happened? Like, he mentioned that he loved playing WOW so idk why he'd stop. Relationship goals thoooo!!! I love how u guys r like the chillest couple ever! It's painfully obvious she's the cause of all this unnecessary drama.

I swear I'll watch LNC again when that happens hopefully this year, cross fingers. It might be swept under the rug like Ziegs all over again. It's too bad it's taken this long for things to happen.

Things that never should have been a problem if Cry had a backbone in the beginning. Never mind he doesn't acknowledge me or stream with me and I haven't been on LNC".

She's been in mostly the chat. But what's weird is that Outstar is really really good friends with Ziegs. Idk what happened. But I could be wrong. Looks like someone was missing that money. Too bad she didn't stay gone back then and save everyone a lot of trouble. Wish she was still depressed! Cry changed the subject soooo quickly. Cheyenne's not there though so I'd say it's still a good night.

And Angel has now joined chat and again people are saying it in chat and still being ignored. So weird! I think it'd awaken the demon if she goes on before Cheyenne leaves for good. That's so bad. When did she leave and is she doing anything now?

At least Minx went solo and seems to be okay. Like "he WAS never a bad boyfriend" and then the person in chat did the same time making it sound like they broke up. Again, I could be reaching waaaaay to far.

It just sounds like she used past tense because the question was phrased that way if that makes sense? Like shes saying he was good before that? It was a question that was given a shallow answer. I doubt she meant anything beyond it, the same way you answer "I'm good" when a stranger asks how you are.

It's literally just been shit posts lately. I used to like his content but seeing that he has no back bone and can't defend his friends is a huge turn off. Not that he has a bad voice but it's not remarkable enough to be known for. It's like Markiplier tier for me except Cry sounds more like a faggot.

But I stopped watching his stuff a while back except for the TWD stuff bc clementine because I've noticed it's been lackluster and idk like something's off - which makes sense, now that I've found this thread lol. Also Cry has said on twitter that he's going to be doing a playthrough soon. Like legit I guess, so there's that. It feels a little less strained and forced.

Sounds like he's actually having fun imo. It's been so long since I had a reason to refresh his channel every day for a new upload. His playthroughs have always been fun to me- especially with games like this one. I can search for screenshots when i get home. I used to watch i'm from 3 or so years ago because his LPs weren't overexaggerated and they were pretty calming tbh. He's changed and it's so sad now.

Honestly, I really want to know what that would've looked like. Did he meet her at a motel or something. Maybe she caught their cyber log lmao.

Smh girl, work on them homewrecking skills. It was just some typed sexy talk. I don't know who the girl is though. That's when he cheated. Or was it Raven? I know who it is, but I'm not sure how many people know so I don't want to come out and say it. She's not around anymore. Just tell us! Looking in her archive, I think she's only had it for a year or so, and I couldn't find any asks.

Like, at all. Cry's still with cheyenne, so, obviously things didn't work out. She might not have thought that she'd have too many repercussions. I could actually see him doing that tbh. Since Coyote said that Cry threw his friends under the bus because of his cheating, it seems more likely that Cry fessed up and blamed Ocean for the whole thing. Of course that could've been referring to the Ziegs thing but it also could've been about Ocean.

Cry has let too much shit happen just because he cheated. Honestly, I'd cheat too if I was dating someone that is abusive like Cheyenne. I'd just leave them. It's funny that there are so many fucked up things Cry has done there's no telling what people are refering to most of the time. Cry doesn't seem capable of doing that for some reason though. Like, is he afraid of her putting his face out there?

I could see it.

'Derek took everything from me': Nine victims who were seduced by a con man they met on dating sites and duped them out of $2MILLION. Learn about Russ Money: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. In the last thread we were discussing the Sage/ Angel/ Cheyenne drama. . Russ and Snake tried to stop her, but without Cry actually standing up for his friends, they .. Looks like someone was missing that money. .. But I guess if there's no solid timeline of when they started dating it's hard to say.

Also, there's that whole thing about how old she really was when they started their relationship. He could get into a lot of trouble if she was underage and I wouldn't doubt it if she had some sort of proof. I think most of us would understand where he's coming from with how Cheyenne acts. He wouldn't socially take too hard of a hit.

I think it has to be something more than that. They've been dating for a while now and she's very much the legal age now. I don't know how it works but can you retroactively be punished like that? It's like if a 40 year old was with a 13 year old until she was 19, it's still against the law if someone found out.

I could be wrong though. Besides, in my comment I meant more that he'd get in trouble socially. He could just be afraid of backlash if the age thing was true. But it'd be a lot of trouble for Chey to go through getting actual concrete evidence and charge him for it. And really he should've thought about that before sticking his dick in her, assuming it's true he was doing it before she was For someone who values his privacy so much and whose income relies on how good his reputation online is, he sure is a fuck up.

Cheyenne has never been very forthcoming with her age so we have no idea how old she actually was. Even on her tumblr she has "none of your business" under where her age is or something like that. Like, what if they started dating when she was a month away from 18 or some bullshit, but she doesn't want anyone knowing the technicalities so that she can keep Cry under her thumb bc no one can argue shit if there's no proof. But I guess if there's no solid timeline of when they started dating it's hard to say.

But either way it's definitely less about the criminal aspects and more about how Cry would be perceived online if they dated when she was still underage.

I think Cheyenne might've tricked Cry into her being 18 not really having a motive at first, then when finding out about him and Ocean, she just started using it against him. PNG it looks like she lives in florida, too. That has to be what Cheyenne is using to blackmail Cry. Coyote has mentioned blackmail, cheating, and in the same comment thread he called her a "gold digger". I think Cheyenne is using the whole cheating with an underage girl thing to blackmail Cry into staying with her.

He should've kept his dick in his pants. That's kiddy porn on his end and Cry has mentioned before that he's sent nudes. He could've sent some to Ocean and she could've sent some back. Cheyenne could've gotten screenshots for all we know lol. I have no idea. Lmao, it's okay, we still have the archived copy. She did. Hey Ocean, why don't you just tell us what happened?

There would be no reason to delete it otherwise. It's been a couple years now that she's been out of the LNC community it looks like. It didn't even do anything since it's archived. What would us finding out about Cry's pervy stuff have to do with her deleting things? I'm so confused why she'd try to hide it. Plus, who knows what Cheyenne might've told her. Cheyenne seems like a psycho gf. Now she opened them?

She just unlocked them. Both were. Then again, it could be so many past female mods lol. PNG Can we talk about how this is her twitter banner? Cry likes young trashy girls, it seems, lol. And she purposely posted the Cry t-shirt picture.

I think she just has a different way of mentioning things, kind of how Angel would post quotes about not being a able to speak up about things. It does seem kind of like she's proud lol. Maybe Cry pissed her off. Cry has a type. I am almost understanding why Chey is such a harpy now.

Nine woman seduced by a con man who stole their money speak out in new documentary

She definitely is using him. She just treats him like shit, and he lets it happen because of all the shit he's done, and she stays with him because of money and popularity. We have a winner! Way to go, summarizing all of this with just a few sentences. But she's definitely going nowhere in life and will be a nobody without the prestige of having Cry's name attached to hers, so here we are - a completely toxic relationship with Cry being too much of a pussy to face his mistakes and Chey lording it over his head but being able to use the guise of "he cheated but I love him and want to work it out!

Just seems trashy. I think that was her only reason in posting it bc otherwise I haven't seen anything recent about Cry. She's an ugly person. That's hilarious. Someone's gone rogue and now there's no way she'd talk even though I don't really think she was going to anyways. Why not just tell us? She's not involved with them anymore, and she clearly dislikes Cry.

He also takes part in the Late Night with Cry and Russ which streams on may be on gaming or any other thing of interest and it involves Cry and Russ Money. and he was 21, as such, she was considered a minor when they began dating. >Angel comes back to Cry's streams after months of avoiding generally speaking twitch is where it's at right now with money and that's It'd be really fucked up if Angel and Cry started dating instead of Russ and Angel. Date Joined He co-hosts a Livestream, titled "Late Night with Cry and Russ" every Saturday night The LNC consists of: Russ Money, Scott Jund and Snake.

Angel has straight forward said there are people she cares about protecting, which we can assume are Russ and Snake. Im so curious lol. Who knows though, she could just not care anymore. It's been a few years. And what would Cheyenne say? There might be more about her association with the crew. We'll eat food together" friends.

Though imo she looks much better than Chey, not really pretty but waaaay less trashy. Also I like the milk she gives us and that she obviously does it on purpose. Thanks Ocean! Tbh, she's kinda cute in a way that I can't fully understand. I'm not sure short hair suits her, she might look more pretty with a longer hairstyle. Maybe just a chubbier her with hair and makeup??

I can't tell either. I think he was just hitting on her a ton or something. I think I remember him being super serious about something to do with that in Catherine could be wrong though, don't quote me on that.

He's saying all this shit even though he cheated on her. I don't think it's likely that he met at least Ocean in real life. I know people change and all, but his answers to the question parts are still really interesting to go back on tbh.

He just kept going with it. That's what could've happened here.

Ocean could've started the flirting and he just went with it. I'm just throwing that out there though. He could've totally been the one to initiate it. I'm about to transcribe all this fuckery lmao. Don't remember what choice he made though. PNG Also hey look what's gonna be back. I really think Cheyenne is crazy enough to keep some sort of proof to keep him tied down.

Unless it was one sided, there's no way. She could be genderfluid or something. Cry said he was pan, I guess. Cry will fuck anything. I think Cry knows about this thread, honestly, lol. But dammit Cry if you see this, pls. Get your shit together man. Fuck's sake. Ocean might look like a prepubscent boy and Cry might be into that, who knows? I wish he would see this and know that we're actually discussing all this shit because we want him to get his act together.

He needs to come clean about whatever the fuck happened and deal with it like an adult. Obviously people care more about him treating his friends like shit than being dumb and cheating on a clearly abusive and terrible person. Cheating is shitty.

Allowing your terrible girlfriend to bully everyone around you is inexcusable. But in fairness, literally anything is better than 4 week old garbage that's been sitting out in summer rain. PNG she's definitely better looking than chey, she may be a cunt at least she's not a literal cow. She really iswoof. The left column is okay, the right is godawful. Then she's got that huge nose. Like yeah she has unfortunate features but she's not making the best of them right now. Just sayin.

Being ugly on the inside translates to the outside because she doesn't have a nice personality to make up for it. She's an awful fucking person so who cares. Also, her hair is fried.

She needs to stop dying it. There's a checkbox in the bottom corner that says "Spoiler Image" if you ever want to use that lol. Fucking googly eyed bitch. Um, what? Sage wasn't even around for the Ocean thing. She probably has no idea who she is. Even if she does, she probably doesn't really care.

Like I've seen some streams of hers and, I mean she wasn't that bad. Until of course I remembered her personality but honestly I don't think she's photogenic. I've only seen one decent picture of her, sadly. I guess that probably says something about how Cry looks, if shes the best he can do.

Dear lawd. How is Cry even with someone who looks like that? How bad does he look? Its not surprising to me that hed cheat on that. Speaking of ig, Oceans has disappeared. She reverted the account back to its old name, danmitocean. Erasing this, but unprivating things. Then reprivating and changing names.

Responding to anons.

She honestly doesn't make sense. Maybe she's just fucked up all the time. She also seems a lot more active on social media, she just posted on instagram again. She invited viewers to play L4D2 and then got bored before finishing the first part of the campaign and switch to worms and then got bored and switched back to L4D2.

Then she said her eyes were tired and she was going to lay down, ends the stream and opens up Counter Strike Global Offensive. So like, she's all around ADHD. What's the point in erasing stuff like that? It makes her seem like she's hiding something, but I watched that clip and it was nothing.

Like And nothing was on it. I dunno, she doesn't make any sense, honestly. Kinda fucked in the head or something. Plus Cheyenne hasn't tweeted since the "Couples therapy" day. PNG unsurprisingbut oceans drinking as well. Cry drinking is more interesting I honestly think he knows about us. He's been acting pretty depressed. He missed their couple therapy stream and now he's drinking. Now I don't believe Cry is all that innocent obviously but why are some of you taking Cheyennes word with the cheating thing?

Yeah it makes sense. But why believe her? Or Ocean and Cry were just merely talking maybe being slightly flirty because it was better than talking to bitchface and Cheyenne didn't like it and tried to ruin Ocean? Like, really?

/snow/ - flakes & mistakes

Anyone can see how she's not a nice person. I'm glad Coyote doesn't take shit and tells it like it is. I just wish Cry would grow a pair and leave her ass. Sounds like Scott is as much as an asshole as the rest of them. Jund gets salty at the internet sometimes but he generally doesn't seem like a bad guy at all. He's literally said before that he's shallow and probably wouldn't date a fat chick.

Pretty sure he'd just break up with her lol. And like someone else said, she seems to like playing the victim. She's probably wanting more attention now that she doesn't have the LNC getting it for her. Really shows character. Jund said that he sucked at being a boyfriend at first because he ignored her and then really worked hard at the relationship. And Sage has shown to be an attention-seeking liar, who had just been insulting people on Twitter lately.

I'd take what she says with a grain of salt. It's like they know she's just trying hard for attention at this point. She has like no following without her relationship with Jund and it's showing. She's trying so hard to get noticed in some way.

It's actually kind of pathetic. I feel like that's kind of on her to let him know she doesn't want to joke about things. I've had friends before that all we do is insult each other, but she'd tell me if she wasn't okay with something and then I wouldn't do it anymore.

You can't get upset about something if you don't speak up about it to the person. Calling him out publically is immature and sounds like a cry for attention. Why would you follow someone you thought abused someone and why would you care whether or not they would ban you?

I think people maybe don't care that she's saying this and that maybe they don't believe her. I noticed she's down like 50 followers at least since they broke up. She wants that large following so bad.

Red didn't. Ziegs has been doing her own thing. Sage seems like the only one that's left the circle of the crew that has. Who else? It seems like it's just Chey and Sage who are that way. She also just dipped out of the light. So yeah, just Sage and Chey. We wish you would've actually broken Cry and Cheyenne up lol. Plus we're curious as fuck about what really happened. Sounds like someone else is trying to get attention now lol. You're being shady and weird, but fuck, it's too bad you didn't finish the job.

I didn't even realize all of this went down involving her until it got mentioned here. Ocean could have denied it but it's great she confirmed it instead. I hope anon has more milk to spill, honestly.

I cant even figure out why she would want to be this shady. Or she'll respond to it now because it's been mentioned. We probably lost her when we started the 3rd thread. I think she found it originally via googling herself. I bet she knows of this thread too, but who knows. Probably since forever, and I'm just really unobservant. So there's a good chance they met up irl. If he's so scared of showing his face, enough for even Coyotemation to say that Cheyenne blackmailing to release images of him being half of what he's scared of, there's no way he met up with a possible, and shortlived, fling.

I'd put money down on it being just text and voice comms flirting.

Russ money and angel dating

But she also might not have any proof of what he looks like. She's petty enough to post a picture of Cry merchandise, telling someone how dare they bring it around. I feel like we think this is way bigger than it actually is. If it were more, I feel like it would be a lot bigger and would have hurt more people.

I still think he emotionally cheated. But her posting his face would actually ruin what he has going, she doesn't seem to have a motive to do that. If so, please spill lol. It sounds like Ocean is trying to "figure out who it is," and they were worried in the first place.

Why say more? Would we believe it if they did? And leak anything about her and Cry, since she's trying so hard to hide what was between them and clearly anon knows.

Nobody is going to recognize him if he went out with her, because the chance of somebody recognizing both him and her is practically zero. Plus he goes out with his family and there are people who could recognize them. Plus he goes out with Chey, to busy ass themeparks no less and everybody can recognize her. Sorry to burst your bubble. Find a new dick you can ride on.

Him and chey have only been recognised once over 3 years, and no one would have really known to be looking for ocean. We ask for more milk, but only if it fits the kind we want. She DID break up with him, and it wasn't like he was cheating on her. She came out with all this "he was emotional amusing me! She's probably bitter he's getting support and no one cares at all about her bullying ass.

GL with life Sage. She posts saying she hopes they both end up happy, then throws this type of shade? Damn she definitely hasn't let go yet. He and Witwix get along now, I sincerely doubt that would continue if he started dating her Even if they're broken up, you just don't do that.

Constantly jumping into new relationships after a break up isn't healthy or fair to the people he dates. I might be wrong, but I feel like he's jumped so quickly into new relationships after each break up. He went from Raven to Jen to Sage and could possibly be back with Jen. It just doesn't seem healthy. Now that they've broken up it's clear that people were only interested in her because she was with Scott.

Damn how bad it must feel to tweet about a relationship that YOU ended and getting 3 sympathy likes. Why did he wait so long? Bet you anything Scott's dating Jen again. Sad I donated to the liar. He seemed super fucking sad up until only a few days ago, that makes no sense.

No I'm not Sage. I regularly watch Jund. What donations are you even talking about. Hey guys! Or something. Raven cheated on him and idk who broke up with who, Jen went back to Witwix, and then Sage dumped him. From what it looked like, it looked like he apologized to her.

But also obvious he is with Jen. Glad he won't be alone. I don't think anyone would be if their friend started dating their ex. Of course he apologized to her so he could hook up. It isn't healthy at all to jump into a relationship five minutes after breaking up with someone after a year.

Jen went from Witwix to Scott and back to Witwix. Now apparently she's back to Scott. Sounds like she has issues too lol. Probably why Jund says that he doesn't want to date long-distance anymore unless the girl is willing to move. If she moves in with Jund now, that would just be hilarious.

And she just moved across country.

So either they're not seriously together or someone is willing to move. I liked him on there. Witwix practically stole Jen from Scott the first time and neither of them really cared.

Scott stole Jen from Witwix. Witwix and Jen had been dating for years. Either way, they don't really give any shits. Jen and Witwix stopped dating, then she and Scott dated, then she apparently changed her mind or something.

Probably won't happen sadly. Would be interesting. Jund also lies. Second, she's literally trying so hard to be noticed. Jund has literally never said anything bad about ANY of his exes. Even when Raven cheated, he asked people not to bully her and called her a good kid.

Sage is crying for attention in the most pathetic way ever because no one is taking her bullshit. What would he have done? That's stupid. She just sounds bitter and angry with all this "why are people donating to him : he's dating someone else already, he emotionally abused me, but he's still a good guy, but he treated me like shit.

He's actually known to be TOO honest and has pissed tumblr off plenty of times because he has no problem telling his opinion. No one has ever really accused him of lying. The only thing I can think of him being shady is him being more supportive of Cheyenne because of Sage trying to work her way up the LNC ladder. Can you please calm down already, Sage? Can she get even more obvious here, is it even possible? Seriously, what the fuck was that lol. I still hate her for it. Are we talking about the tweets?

She threw us away when she started dating Jund. And only talked to us if she needed to complain about something. Ask away. Support Scott, trash talk girls, let men abuse women. Are you the family Von Trump? Women should respect men. Sage should have been greatful that Scott chose her and should do what he says.

All the lnc ladies should learn their place. Go Trump!

Come to think of it this thread is dedicated to trashing women. Me thinks a certain flughtlesd bird has mommy issues. Pretty sure we're all against abuse too seeing as how for three threads we've talked about how abusive Cheyenne is to literally everyone. Plus, we're more likely to support Scott just because Sage is being so obvious with cries for attention.

She's so back and forth with what she says and bringing up donations made no sense. It's not like people are just like "oh, you're not with Sage anymore so here's some money". You can't just bring up the topic of abuse because it could gain you some sympathy. You can't pick and choose what is seen as abusive behavior when it suits you.

We're trashing shitty women like Chey and Sage, but Mash and Angel are fine. She's actually very happy now and could care less what you weirdos think. Go out and live. Love people. Or continue to be losers. She treats others like shit them pretends to be the victim.

But, I guess the way her friends act speaks volumes. Your a bunch of school shooters. Pretty please? Bye bye children. I'm done wasting my time here. I'm going to do irl stuff. Discussing bad people who do bad things? Don't be a bad person then. It's kind of pathetic. I don't really care who you are, but we do this for fun. I'm not "dedicating my life to being nosy", just killing time until classes start. We don't just make shit up, we look at things that have some sort of evidence and discuss them.

Guess the truth hurts. I'm dipping too. The samefagging is hard with this one. Sage is showing how much of a rude child she is. I don't think we should stop.

She won't be around streams anymore, all she'll do whine and bitch on twitter. Why care about what's discussed? Just don't participate in the discussions you don't care about. Everything that's being talked about is relevant and related to the LNC still so that's why.

If she stops shitting on someone there and stops talking about it ingeneral, she'll be forgotten. She could stop talking about it on twitter but still on stream if she ever does.

Could be some sick ploy for people to reveal themselves. Because remember, Jund is a whip and Jen and Sage could be working together since they are friends. That would be fucking insane. Faking a break up and shit lmao. Jen is witwix, then Scott, then witwix's ex. Raven is just the ex that cheated. They were from right before him and chey got together, and some of the other crew members were in them.

If there were other videos with her and Cry calling each other pet names, they were ages ago and there's no proof. You seem like you're super out to get her. Or ask one of her friends. We could ask them. PNG i can guarantee im reading too far into this, but did they go to disney together?

I think he was just making a statement. Still though, they could've gone. It's not like it's too far away to go to for them. PNG Wonder what this is about. I mean, I call out Ocean because you guys wanted it, but I guess fuck any other information I give, right?

They didn't meet in person. It was an over the internet affair. I can't prove anything without giving myself away, but I'm just saying, they didn't.

You guys are gonna keep making up theories about it and stuff, which is fine. I just know that they didn't meet. It's just a lame fact. I wish there were more to it, though! Why would I put myself out there? I don't need for you to believe me. You can believe what you'd like.

I was just giving info. Better to stay anonymous. Ocean, or a friend of Ocean's? But I don't remember that tbh. If anything, she's a bit of a mess, but she's also young, and I mean, shit, some of us were worse off at that age. Looks like she just got involved in something she didn't want to be involved in? Hell, i think she started talking to the crew when she was like 14?

That would have been hilarious. I almost miss her being on LNC and streaming her perspective, if only for the milk. She'd get so visually upset and angry at everything And then you'd hear the angry clicking as she's yelling at Cry on Skype. It's funny how fucking terrible she is. Zieg followed the account almost immediately. That is so weird. It's probably just one person saying things are lies and fakes every time.

I would assume she'd see an empty account. Maybe she's trying to tell us she knows about us! It's clearly secret code. Just weird. He sounds a bit older than her. Its weird. Like, I feel as if she's drinking more because of us finding out about her and cry. And who knows what Cheyenne might've threatened her with since they've tried so hard to hide everything. But then she would be exposing Cry to everyone who isnt here. Pretty sure she must've done something to gain some more information about ocean that could ruin her image even more.

After all, she did make most female members leave.

Pretty sure him and chey broke up, but I think Angel is just a friend. I don't remember if it was on twitter or tumblr, but Russ explained he met.

I doubt any of them have talked to each other recently. This stuff is new to us, but definitely old news to them. Being an alcoholic at 19 isn't edgy or cool, it's sad and I don't know why people in her life aren't telling her so. It's a disease. She just needs help. She also has self-identified as an alcoholic.

If she isn't an alcoholic now, she's fucking on her way to being one. Does this mean. Angel is back??????? PNG oh shit. They act like it's so hard to just type in what you wanna say on here.

It literally takes seconds. On the internet???? And it definitely takes more time to do than saying out loud? What about the people who make money off of this shit? Gossip rags like people and us magazine, not to mention drama youtubers. But the people who check or post on an image board on break or browsing their phone before bed have "no life. Why's coyote up ocean's drunk ass now? Pretty sure that takes more effort than our 10 seconds of typing.

Hypocritical if you ask me. We have no lives for discussing things on the internet, you see. It's not like we don't actually care about some of these people, but if you're gonna act like a cunt then I guess whatever, you're gonna get talked about. She complained about it being 3 years ago, which is true. Not like anything is happening currently. But she is seriously seeming to grab for attention now.

Cryanimatic - Special Snowflake feat. Cry and Angel

It's so hypocritical. Like I thought they were done with Cry and the crew? It makes no sense other than they like seeing gossip about Cry and Cheyenne?

They've been done for a long time, but care about a gossip board for whatever reason. I think they just like the attention. Why complain about people talking about it, though? Coyote brought it up in the first place. It seems you want people to know and talk about it when you say the things he said, and now "oh, they have no life. But with the way they are reacting, it seems Cheyenne has threatened her pretty god.

They seem worried that this will get out to the crew. Whenever someone is being talked about, there's always gonna be someone else who goes and tells that person. Is there still a ton of friction between her and Cry or is it a completely different matter-?

PNG Sorry for samefagging- Forgot to merge both pics. No streaming together, she hasn't been on late night.

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