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That Special Someone Chapter Moving Up A Step, a naruto fanfic . FanFiction

Juicio Escarlata [Naruto x Tayuya] - Parte 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any part of Naruto Knowing his apartment's walls let alone its ceiling were never this free of dirt, he assumed he was in the hospital. The blonde heard the door open. A nurse from the hospital along with Tsunade, Shizune, and the person he ironically wanted to see least right now, Sakura, walked in. The memory of how he failed his first important mission stuck with him. He didn't want to see anyone, let alone the girl who he broke a promise to.

Kin was in a state of shock only to be brought out by a big yell from Naruto, and then the two met with a hug only to separate with a blush while looking away from each other.

Naruto was scratching one his whiskered cheeks while Kin was looking at her feet. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Before his death, The Third Hokage managed to save one of Orochimaru's sacrifice's, but was he mistaken in doing so, or will it be one of the best things he has ever done.

Sound of Love In Konoha near training ground seven sat a small house, and it is in said house where one Naruto Uzumaki lives with his adopted sister, Kyuubi. Else were in Konoha Naruto was walking down the street, on his way to the ANBU headquarters to see Kin when, on his way there, he got an idea.

Seven and a half hours later "Okay, I'm sorry, Kin-chan, but it's getting late, and I will pick up later if you still want to listen. End Flashback 'It's been six months since he started coming to see me, and out of everything he has told me, which I think is everything, he still has not told me why he keeps coming.

Kin looked very upset at that "Y-yeah, I remember. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5.

Naruto awoke to Tayuya's surprised gasp beside him. He saw the book was .. How long have you both been dating Naruto?" "About a week. Slight AU where Tayuya survives her fight with Shikamaru and goes along with Naruto on his training trip. Will stick close to canon but diverges. Naruto and Tayuya have their first date together in this chapter. But they are both unaware of Sai having been ordered by Danzo to kill him.

Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8.

Chapter 8 9. Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. You could say both of men were pretty shocked to hear that.

Naruto didn't think too much of it, so he just grinned. Naruto almost wheezed because of the fit of giggles that threatened to come out, but he managed to keep it under control. I can't like girls like that? I don't have anything against skinny girls but they aren't exactly my type.

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Naruto U., Tayuya most painful beatings he'd received from the pink haired kunoichi to date. In a alternate timeline, Tayuya lives in Konoha and Naruto is in a I would like to go on a date with you" she said shyly as she blushed and. Naruto and Tayuya have been dating for three years in secret. Tayaya is tired of Orochimaru's obsession for the sharingan and immortality and.

She looked down at herself self-consciously, which was something she had never done before, and looked straight back at him. How's that? Naruto held up his hands defensively, but it was clear that he was amused.

Ain't that enough? Surprisingly, it was Kimimaro who spoke. Though she didn't know why, she couldn't stay mad at that friendly, childish smile. The chef had long since gone back to the back, a spring in his step, and Nobuo cleaned up what there was to clean up as he waited for more customers to come by. I guess that's one step towards the things I wanna do. With the mention of the 'things he wants to do,' he knew he got their attention, more-so Kimimaro's. I've had a lot to think about since I decided I wanted to be a shinobi.

He continued. One of them is a woman who used to be my babysitter. Tayuya had felt the sudden shift in the boy's aura, so she listened intently. Her name is Anko. I've known her for a long time because she's a family friend. At this point though she doesn't have anybody but her friends. I can understand why after what happened to her. It was obvious that what he was thinking about was putting a bit of a damper on his spirit.

Sensing that the other two were waiting, he continued. Because Naruto had started to slurp down the rest of the broth from his bowl, he didn't see Tayuya's body tense or the hardening of Kimimaro's expression. She told me how he was pretty fuckin smart as she puts it.

[Fanfic] El Sonido De La Libertad - Capitulo 1 [Naruto x Tayuya]

No matter the time or what, she was almost always around him, hoping he would teach her more on how to be 'an awesome ninja. Anko-chan always liked to go travelling with her favorite sensei because he was such a cool guy at the time. The Hokage, the old one So far, the description of the Snake Sannin was spot on with Kimimaro. That, however, was about to change. If she did, she wouldn't have been screwed over. The blond scratched the back of his head sheepishly, realizing how deep he was getting.

I don't even know you guys and I'm over here giving you somebody else's life-story, ha, sorry. Why would anybody suddenly get that into telling other people about themselves?

Having become even more curious, Tayuya spoke up as she cracked open the leg of the crab. Might as well tell us the rest of it. How exactly was this Anko chick 'screwed over? Naruto's grin became a little strained as he poked at the noodles in his last bowl. All the people I care about are good honest people. Anko-chan was my age when Orochimaru showed her the real bastard he is. For whatever the reason, Kimimaro felt that perhaps, he was about to hear something he needed, yet didn't want to hear.

Tayuya was kind of in the same boat, but she wasn't nearly as infatuated with the Sannin as the Kaguya was.

Naruto repeatedly, yet quietly tapped his food. I've always thought that a thing like revenge was pretty dumb, but, after growing older, I kind of realized that taking care of business has to be done. Now I'm not plotting to kill Orochimaru, but I am going to make him answer for all the shit he's done.

It's the only ambition I have. The reason I have it is because of what he did to Anko-chan and because of the man he is. This time Naruto didn't chuckle. But it wasn't for the right reason. He was waiting for her to make a choice after everything he taught her just to see if she would be 'useful' for whatever fucked up plans he had. When he showed her what he had been working on, like capturing innocent people and experimenting on them and not caring if and how they died, she realized he wasn't the hero she thought he was.

When it was apparent to him that she didn't like what he was doing, he made his decision on the spot. By now, Naruto's muscles had flexed by mere reflex because of how angry he was getting. It was the last thing he said that made Tayuya and Kimimaro flinch. Under most circumstances a story like that wouldn't have bothered them at all, but to hear that their own master, the one who made those same kind of promises to them, was more than simply 'troubling.

But how could he? First off, he and Tayuya were undercover. Second, Naruto just explained to them a real personal experience. What the hell was he supposed to do? I've never had a reason to hate anybody, but He was expecting looks of shock, and one could easily say that he didn't know the actual reason why they were, but hey, all in good time. Do you get your ideas from comic books?

Naruto stuck out his tongue. Do you get your bad mouth from Naruto noticed that Kimimaro was showing signs of The female however knew how bothered he was, and though she would have been able to get kick out of it, this new piece of information had just shaken her trust in her superior. He's even stranger than you. Heh, so um, you guys gonna be headed somewhere any time soon?

He couldn't have possibly known how his question had piqued the girl's interest. He sighed and finished his ramen. Naruto and the old chef, who was preparing another customers order, had to fight to not snicker when the girl gawked at her superior. I'm off. When you are done spending time with Naruto, you are to report back to your duties. I was just asking you guys a question cuz I think you guys are unique. Tayuya looked sternly at him. I'm just about done with my personal part of our mission, and my teammates can keep an eye on the geezer.

If you'd like, we can just talk and walk around town. Every circumstance in which a stranger, whether it was a male or female that seemed to have any sort of interest in her, she'd flat out deny them and be on her way.

Naruto however, had caught her attention a month ago. From then to this point, he had done an astounding job of helping the people of the Land Of Waves, and there was just something about him that was enough to not make her suspicious of him. She shrugged. Just don't go thinking this is a date. She heard Naruto laugh lightly. I just like making friends with people instead of being an ass. As he waited, he thought about the strange circumstances that involved himself and the girl.

At first glance, Naruto did not know what to make of Tayuya when he first saw her. Back during the time when he sensed her chakra following him, he had assumed that she was He didn't know why, but she was the only person who's chakra he could sense, and it was starting to bug him. The reason this was so prevalent in his mind was because of the fact that he wasn't a sensor type shinobi. Why could he sense the girl's chakra?

Naruto knew for a long time that he was a rather strange person, given the He snuck a glance or two, and he had to admit, she was very pretty when she wasn't glaring. However, the look of 'don't talk to me' on her face just didn't seem right, but he could understand why she was like that.

Given how she had spoken to him, it seemed she usually got a lot of unwanted attention, enough to the point that she had apparently decided to start making herself out to be someone you didn't want to approach.

Regardless, it was just the fact that Naruto could sense her without any of his normal five senses that made him want to know more about her. However, since she was a female, he really didn't want to give her the impression that he was trying to get into her pants.

He already knew how men could be, and that's most likely why many women preferred to keep their distance from males who looked a bit too interested. Tayuya looked at the menu and saw that the money Kimimaro had given her was barely enough to pay for the meal. Tayuya looked at him inquisitively. Turning to the old man, she nodded.

Maybe some dango and rice balls would be nice too. Naruto looked very pleased and took out the appropriate amount of cash out. When she looked at him, he waited for the question. Like I said, a big girl needs a big meal, just like any guy.

Being a shinobi kinda demands it. Tayuya grabbed her belly in slight surprise and lightly blushed. Naruto on the other hand chuckled. Since it was morning time right now, Naruto knew he likely had almost an entire day to figure Tayuya out. On the surface of how he thought of it, he kind of felt disrespectful for some reason, but knowing that trying to figure out this little conundrum wouldn't hurt anybody, he just went with it. And, being the gentlemen, he was the one to carry the basket of food.

Walking through the streets, Tayuya observed how the people greeted Naruto. Unsurprisingly, when their eyes landed on hershe then heard them whispering to themselves about 'Naruto and that pretty girl.

It was nothing negative, but it was a little annoying. He found it cool to see that she was the first tomboy he had ever met. So what about you, hmm? Where are you from? Her expression hardened a little. Been living there since I was a kid. I don't like to talk about it much. The sudden look of understanding on Naruto's face surprised her, but she didn't show it.

I didn't know. When he just smiled at her, she took it with a simple nod. So where are we headed? I'm getting sick of all these people looking at me.

How's that sound? When he had walked into the ramen stand, he looked a bit troubled. She could clearly see that he seemed to be in a much better mood now that she was around him. It puzzled her, because usually she could see that any guy interested in her was mostly trying to sweet-talk her. Eyes in his direction and with him a few steps ahead of her, she tried to figure him out. What had initially caught her attention about him was his ability to sing, at least, the song he apparently made up a month ago.

It was something she would never forget. As little as she cared for the lives of others, there was just something that called to her when it came to him. The first thing was that she could sense his chakra, something she could never do before. But why only him? Why could she only sense his chakra? She had to admit, it was very warm and welcoming. Being herself however, anyone looking would just see a girl who seemed to be irritated to be spending time with him.

She was that good at keeping her true intents hidden. Not like a presence or anything, but just No offense. She wasn't expecting a smile. She looked at him, a little surprise showing. Not that he figured that out, but more because he seemed to actually care. The same was for me. A lot of the people in my village never liked me my whole life. Unless there's something about you I don't like that you haven't shown me yet. In a way she hadn't expected, Tayuya felt a tad bit guilty when she saw Naruto turn away and gain a slightly downtrodden expression.

Remaining quiet and a little on guard for whatever the reason, Tayuya sat down, taking out a wrapped plate with dango inside of it. Naruto looked at her for a second, and then took out a scroll. Tayuya was taken aback by his generosity.

He then smiled again in that charming way of his. Besides, do you really need an excuse to be polite? Still eyeing him, she turned and sat down, allowing him to cover her up. Even when she just decided to eat instead of answer, he couldn't help but keep his grin in place.

I don't blame you, and I'd rather you do that instead of being quick to like a complete stranger.

At least, that's how just about all girls should be. Most guys are usually rowdy and assholes. Once again he surprised her with the amount of truth and respect he was giving her. Back where I live I've had to work my ass off and get a reputation for being violent and the kind of girl no one wants to be around.

Otherwise, guys come from anywhere just to try and 'get to know' me. Naruto's expression of Tayuya listened as he continued. I want people to know I'm not that kind of guy. I know you probably think I'm weird, but that's a given. I really am a strange person. You're the first guy I've ever met that actually knows the meaning of respect. For a moment it grew quiet as both of them looked out at the ocean.

At this point, both of them were getting very accustomed to each others presence. Naruto of course was just being friendly about it, and Tayuya was putting on the act of not caring.

That's a first. Slowly, but surely For Tayuya, it was monumental, mainly because, as she herself stated, she didn't have any friends. Naruto was a very interesting person from the way he acted, and the girl felt that yes, getting to know him wouldn't hurt. This action caused the redhead to blush crimson Naruto would always mention how beautiful and pretty she is but it still causes the the redhead to blush.

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Adventure - Naruto U., Kin T., Tayuya - Chapters: 20 - Words: 63, - Reviews: - Favs: 1, - Follows: 1, - Updated: Mar 16, . "'To go', Does our little Naruto have a date?. Naruto and Tayuya snapped to their on guard positions, each now .. the Yamanaka said with a assured voice, "Naruto is dating that Tayuya. Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Romance - [Tayuya, Naruto U.] - Chapters: 4 - Words: 39, .. Just don't go thinking this is a date.

Naruto closes his eyes he then pulls out his katanas glaring at Sakon. Kiba growls at the two headed ninja. Just as Shikarmaru was going to have his team take the now captured Sound Four but before they can do it Sakon's twin brother Ukon is up in a tree glaring at the Nara. The white haired twin launches himself off the tree as he comes at Shikarmaru with amazing speed cocks his fist back punching Shikarmaru on the back of the head causing Shikarmaru to fall.

Doing this caused the heir of Nara clan to break his concentration of his shadow possession jutsu. When this happen it cause the leaf ninjas to be shocked but if you look at Naruto you would see his eyes narrowing "so that's Sakon and Ukon Kekkei Genkai able to split themselves apart. Kidimaru smirks sinisterly at the Konoha ninjas "did you tree huggers really think it would be that easy?

Inside the cave Kiba had used his Passing Fang and choji his huge human bolder. But just as Kiba got ready for his fang over fang Neji quickly puts his hand on the brash canine shinobi.

Naruto and tayuya dating fanfiction

Kiba gets angry at Neji stopping from trying to break through the earth dome "What Neji-san we gotta break this stupid thing! Neji just sighs at the idiot "What you're doing isn't working this dome is able to absorb chakra so you're basically wasting your chakra. We need a plan.

They each nod their heads "I have an idea. Shikarmaru then sighs "well we don't have enough time to come up with another plan so, Naruto do what you need to do. Naruto then throws the two sealing papers what happened left them shocked as he threw them a huge explosion of yellow light brighten ups forcing them to block the light from blinding them when they uncover their eyes they are free from their prison.

Naruto stands next with Shikarmaru as both of them facing off against Tayuya Naruto gets into his fighting stance while Shikarmaru gets ready for his next plan of action "you ready Naruto? Naruto nods his head smirking "hell yea! Naruto then sighs running his hand through his blonde hair "that seal on your chest is a Chakra Draining Seal, Shikarmaru I'm sorry but if I tell you want I'm about to do you wouldn't let be do it.

I just want you to know I'm glad we're friends and I'm free from the village. Naruto then looks towards the huge crate containing the last Uchiha. Tayuya nods her head taking unstrapping the crate from her back seting it down.

Both Naruto and Tayuya watched as the crate blows up with flaming woods and body parts flying around. Naruto nods his head "Yeah when I blew up the earth dome i had 30 shadow clones to set the explosion tags all over this place making it seem we died under the trees and unable to retrieve but it won't matter by the time Shikarmaru awakes we'll be long gone.

Naruto then seals his chain scythe "Alright let's get this shit started. As the jutsu activates both redhead and Naruto are covered in blinding blue eclectic chakra both Naruto and Tayuya grits their teeth in frustration at releasing a large amount of chakra. Naruto then starts pouring in some of Kyuubi's chakra Naruto's hair becomes wilder, his nails becomes claws, his canine like fangs start to grow becoming fangs, his traditional whiskers start darken and Naruto blue eyes transform into red fox eyes Naruto then starts gain a red bubbling chakra cloak one tail appears.

Tayuya looks at her boyfriend she couldn't help but to blush at seeing her now sexy boyfriend she then quickly gets out of her own world focusing on the task at hand Tayuya then activates her curse mark as she activates her Level 1, it spread across her entire body in straight lines spreading out in a jagged, zigzag pattern.

She quickly goes into her Level 2 form, her skin became a dark shade of brown, gains yellow eye irises with dark black eye sclerae, and two black vertical markings appears under her eyes. Tayuya's hair become longer, growing to her thighs and several horns appears on the top of her head, which grow when she exerts herself. Naruto then looks towards his girlfriend having similar thoughts as Tayuya when she saw her boyfriend enter his Kyuubi mode he then shakes his head focusing on the task at hand "we're almost done Tayuya-chan.

As Kimimaru looks around he noticed the dead body parts of Sasuke Uchiha this caused Kimimaru to get angry glaring at Naruto and Tayuya with his eyes full with hate. Tayuya smirks at Kimimaru she then flips him "fuck you bitch, fuck that faggot Orochi-pedo, and fuck Orochimaru's sex toy Believe It!

As this was happening an unconscious Naruto and Tayuya were flying through a wormhole the jutsu worked it had absorb their chakra but in doing so the jutsu absorb both their chakra including Kyuubi and the curse mark. The jutsu had fully absorb the cursed mark it had also absorb both of their chakra but not enough to kill them but enough for them to live. As they enter the worm hole Naruto gets send to a traditional looking house but Naruto isn't twelve years old body the jutsu also deageed the two of them leaving infants.

Suddenly the now infant Naruto is crying two grown adults around the age 22 they head to see what was the commotion and to their surprised they see a infant blonde baby wrapped around in orange clothes. The baby is crying at the cold of night " what you think we should do? As this was happening the man found a name tag on the orange track suit having the name Naruto.

The man then smiles "how about Naruto. Just as Naruto was transported to house so was Tayuya. The now infant Tayaya was Infront of a large two story dark blue house at the sound of hearing a man and woman around the age of 24 years old came out with Remington shotguns. But when they went outside they notice the crying was coming from a redhead infant both gave each other an knowing smile they pick up the baby who snuggled to the woman.

The man couldn't argue since he thought the name was cute "yeah, now let's go inside little Tayuya probably doesn't like the cold.

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