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[WATCH] Finding Carter: Max & Carter Hooked Up And Theyre Lying About It Hollywood Life

Finding Carter - Shocking Moment #5: Taylor Finds Out About Max & Carter - MTV

Carter's love life is almost as messy as her family life these days, and it's all because of one major error in judgement. Carter and Max hooked up after Carter was feeling particularly vulnerable following a visit to Lori, and that's one secret that could potentially destroy every relationship that they have. We know that Taylor won't be too pleased with the situation from the Finding Carter midseason trailer and also from, you know, common sense about your twin having sex with your one true love but there's one more person whom Carter and Max may have to answer to. The midseason trailer shows the return of a military-made Crash, and while he may be a changed man, I'm not so sure he's changed all that much. Max could still be in danger when it comes to Crash. Crash has a lot of issues, some of which led to him accidentally shooting Max while trying to rob his convenience store.

She then calls out a name: "Crash! Let's imagine it's the former for a second. That means that Crash has done something worthy of a cop's attention yet again, and It's possible that it could be assaulting Max. In the same trailer, we see Crash come to Carter's house and confess his love to her. That's actually right before the scene cuts to this one with Elizabeth.

Is that a coincidence? I'm not so sure. Shay stresses that there is no "out" and reminds Crash of his father. Crash leaves with Carter. At the sanctuary, Max, Crash and Carter talk about what to do next; they discuss Crash needing a new place to live.

Finding Carter - Official Sneak Peek #1 (Episode 9) - MTV

Carter decides on no motels and no trucks. Max suggests the sanctuary, but Carter says her house is safer and that Elizabeth will be fine with it as long as they tell her about the drugs.

However, Crash doesn't want to snitch on Shay and that Shay was right about him being the only reason he isn't in prison. Carter digresses and says she'll beg, but Max doesn't think Elizabeth will listen to her on this one. Carter agrees; she doesn't think Elizabeth will listen to her, either. At the Wilson house, Max tries to convince Elizabeth to let Crash stay the night.

Max explains that Shay is threatening Crash and that the place Crash has been living in isn't safe anymore.

Stay With Me/Recap

He goes on to explain the dangerous situation Crash is in. Elizabeth doesn't understand why Max cares so much, and he guesses that they accidentally became friends. Elizabeth finishes airing up the blow-up mattress, then lays down the ground rules for Crash staying there: 1 They are all in by curfew; 2 Lights out early ; Crash on the blow-up mattress and not in Carter's bed, Carter agrees; Carter sleeps in her own bed and not the blow-up mattress.

Carter and Max hooked up after Carter was feeling particularly Will Crash Hurt Max When He Finds Out About Max And Carter's Hookup?. Even after Max and Carter hooked up on Finding Carter on Tuesday night's episode "I Knew You Were Trouble." Trouble might be an understatement here and, thankfully, it seems like Carter and Max already know that they made a HUGE mistake. The Maxlor 'shipper in me is screaming that. [carter+crash] you're all I need - Duration: ClassicallyCoolProdz 26, views Wilson Integral Collection (Part 1 of p).

David arrives with groceries and comments on the blow-up mattress, shocked to learn that not only is Crash staying the night, but Elizabeth is, too. Carter takes the groceries from David to let Elizabeth explain what happened.

David and Elizabeth start arguing, but Elizabeth apologizes before things get too heated and offers to go into details over a glass of wine, and says that after, they can go over their sleeping arrangements. Max walks into Taylor's room to say hi.

He asks if she's making anything for dinner, but she says she won't be there as she puts on lipgloss.

He compliments her on her different look, then asks if she'd like to accompany him to Bird's place for a while, but Taylor declines, saying she's going to see Ofe. Max asks about she and Ofe, and Taylor gets upset and has him leave. After shutting her door, Taylor walks over to her dresser and pulls out the Tic Tacs case from Ofe's locker, then takes one. In the kitchen, Carter says they're going to have to ration the stir fry, because David was expecting only four people for dinner.

Crash juggles Rame. Crash asks Carter to tell Elizabeth he appreciates her letting him stay there, but Carter says Crash should tell her himself, because it would mean a lot.

As Carter and Crash kiss, Elizabeth walks in.

She gets onto them for acting like a couple on date night, then walks away, telling him to stay away from Grant as she does so.

Taylor and Ofe makeout under the covers. She says she's hungry. Taylor finishes pulling up her pants. Before Ofe can open the door, Taylor falls onto the floor. Ofe runs over to her. Elizabeth helps Carter put the sheets on the blow-up mattress.

Carter is upset with the way Elizabeth is treating Crash. David walks into the kitchen, wherein Crash is doing the dishes. He says not to take Elizabeth's heat personally. Carter explains to Elizabeth that she may be expressing her own fear through protecting Carter from heartbreak, and that there is nothing to be afraid of. The doorbell rings.

David answers the door to find Shay, who is there to pick up Crash. Outside, Elizabeth and David talk to Shay. Crash and Carter watch from the doorway, and Crash says he thinks Shay might have found Carter's home by looking for her, not for him. Crash asks Shay what he's doing there. Shay tells Crash to go with him, but the David and Elizabeth stress that he isn't going with him.

Shay threatens the Wilsons to mind their own business, and Elizabeth explains to Shay that he is on her property and does not tell her what to do. After Elizabeth pulls out her badge, Shay relents and claims he just wanted to make sure Crash wasn't bothering them. David says Crash is welcome there, but Shay isn't. Archived from the original on July 12, Retrieved July 9, Retrieved July 16, Archived from the original on July 29, Retrieved June 29, TV Series Finale.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Carter Stevens has a close relationship with her mother, Lori, but her world is turned upside down when she is told by Child Protective Services that she was abducted from her biological family at the age of three. She learns that her real name is Lyndon and is forced to return to the Wilsons, although she has every intention of reuniting with Lori. She meets her fraternal twin sister, Taylor, and her younger brother, Grant.

While she begins to form relationships with her siblings, father, and Taylor's best friend, Gabe, Carter clashes with her biological mother. Carter becomes friends with a group of misfits at school who decide to help her mess with Elizabeth, who is obsessed with tracking down Lori.

Elizabeth also insists that everyone show up to therapy, which infuriates Carter even more. Taylor begins to resent Carter re-entering their lives, as she is jealous of Carter's growing bond with Gabe and her "cooler" lifestyle.

Grant is becoming attached to Carter and is afraid that she will leave them some day soon for her life back with Lori.

Max and carter hookup

After a night of intense partying, Carter lands in the hospital. To get back at Elizabeth for constantly setting new boundaries in her life, Carter starts to hang out with Crash, a juvenile delinquent whom she met at the police station. Elizabeth tries to get her to date Max instead. On the flip side, Carter's relationship with her father becomes stronger.

Meanwhile, Gabe, Bird, and Ofe do some research on Lori's aliases in hopes of locating her for Carter. They find someone, but it eventually leads to a dead-end. However, at the end of the episode, Lori is shown watching Carter hug her father from afar. Maria Maggenti.

Carter and Bird have a fall-out because of a disturbing portrait that Bird created of Carter. Max decides to leave the Wilsons and on his way out of town, he runs into Lori, who tells him that she has been keeping tabs on Carter's family and is almost ready to get her back so they can runaway together.

Meanwhile, David and Elizabeth are at odds over whether or not they can afford to buy Carter and Taylor a car. When David buys a car anyway, Elizabeth is forced to ask her parents for help and also resumes her affair with Kyle, with the intent of ending it with her husband for good.

Max later returns to town and when he asks Carter about Lori, Carter forgets who she was for a minute and panics. In hopes of finding Lori, Carter decides to spend some time with Elizabeth to learn a thing or two about policework.

Knowing about the affair, David wants to divorce Elizabeth and cannot cash in a large check for his book until he does so.

Also, Carter takes Taylor to the sanctuary, where she learns to kiss during a game of spin the bottle.

She also gives into her feelings for Max. Later, Lori approaches Max outside of the Wilson home and he tells her that Carter isn't her daughter and that he has to tell the family that she has been stalking them. Before he finishes his speech, however, Lori has disappeared once again. Carter decides to pursue a relationship with Crash, against the advice from her friends and family.

She learns about his rough upbringing and when she finds out that he is set to spend a minimum of three years in prison, he suggests that they run away together. Carter instead wants him to face his problems head-on.

Meanwhile, Taylor accepts a date with Gabe, only for both of them to realize that they could never be more than just friends. She later decides to meet Max, who is distracted because Lori is back. Carter and Lori reunite, with Lori giving her instructions to leave the Wilsons. Also, David is onto Elizabeth's affair. Carter and Taylor celebrate their 17th birthday on the same day that Carter plans to run away with Lori.

Taylor and Max try to convince her not to leave, while Crash wants to leave with her. Meanwhile, Grant and Gabe overhear Elizabeth and Kyle talking about their affair. At the end of the day, Carter chooses to stay with her real family and tells David about Lori.

He and Elizabeth make a phone call using the burner phone that Lori gave Carter to sever the ties once and for all. However, Lori shows no indication of giving up.

David has arranged for Carter and Lori to have one last meeting, but Lori never shows up. Grant tells Taylor and Carter about their mother's affair. The girls confront Elizabeth and pressure her to admit the truth to David. When she does, he makes her move out of the house. Taylor gets stoned while hanging out with Carter, Max, and Crash.

This causes them to forget to pick Grant up from school, leading him to calling Elizabeth. Carter ends up striking a deal with David in which she allows him to write his book, "Finding Carter," which he had already written without her permission if he decides against a divorce. Later, Carter finds out that David had lied to her about how they ended things with Lori.

Jennifer Lynch. Carter is devastated after finding out that David had already written "Finding Carter. Taylor and Max try to take the next step in their relationship. Ofe seeks financial help from Bird after a betting mistake and she gives him one of her mother's necklaces to pawn off. When Bird's mother notices that the necklace has gone missing, Bird blames Carter and gets her arrested. Bird soon admits the truth and the charges are dropped, however, Crash had already bailed Carter out of jail and their whereabouts are unknown.

When Carter refuses to return home, Elizabeth sends out an Amber Alert identifying her as a kidnapping victim, with Crash listed as the kidnapper. The rest of the family is upset at how extreme Elizabeth is willing to go. Carter and Crash decide to destroy their phones and start living off the grid.

They visit Carter's old run-down apartment where Lori has left her a phone number. Carter wants to leave a message for Lori with Max. At the gas station, he expresses his disapproval of Crash and doesn't want her running off with him. Tired of waiting in the car, Crash barges inside with a gun and demands that Max give him all of the money in the register. When Carter tries to stop Crash, he ends up shooting Max in the chest.

Carter immediately runs to Max's side and cries out to Crash for help, but he runs off instead. At the hospital, the Wilsons are waiting for news of Max's condition and the police show up to question Carter.

She breaks down and is unable to answer. Taylor is furious and tells Carter that she has done nothing but worsen their lives since she came home. At the end, the doctor calls the family in and Max's fate is to be determined.

Max remains in serious condition and has entered into a coma.

We're counting down Finding Carter's 10 most jaw-dropping moments so far. Check out #6 and watch new episodes of Finding Carter beginning October 6th on MTV. In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the June 2 episode of 'Finding Carter,' Max is lying through his teeth to Taylor about his hookup with Carter. Crash explains to Carter how Max thinks Shay is running drugs; Max relays to a Ofe offers to make "the perfect post-hookup/pre-study sandwich", and Taylor.

His mother, Karen, arrives at the hospital and the tension between Taylor and Carter worsens as Taylor is jealous of Karen's affection towards Carter.

Elizabeth is in charge of the hunt for Crash. Meanwhile, Crash has been trying to contact Carter non-stop before he leaves town. All of her friends, especially Bird, strongly caution her against further affiliation. Still insisting that the shooting was an accident and that Crash was a good person, she decides to meet him anyway.

Mere days after Max and Carter's misguided hookup aired, The Fosters went the exact same route. Wyatt's been in and out of the picture for a. Dating - Wikipedia. I Want My Ex Back But They've Already Started Dating Someone Else! Has this happened to you? Were you trying to win back your ex. Finding Carter is an American drama television series, which aired on MTV from July 8, , . Taylor gets stoned while hanging out with Carter, Max, and Crash. . roommates Bird and Max hang out, which prompts her to hook up with Ofe.

However, Elizabeth follows her car and arrests him. Elizabeth and Carter have a conversation in which Carter says she thought about letting Crash leave but she knew Elizabeth would follow and that is exactly what she planned to have him arrested since she could never do that to Max.

Carter then tells Elizabeth she knows she is there to protect her and says "because you are my mom and I love you".

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