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Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Sign In Register. So theres this girl i like, and i know she likes me. Iv been told by numerous people plus i can sort of tell anyway. Problem is shes only just turned 17 about a month ago and i am 20 now, turning 21 early next year.

Other girls are less able to handle the relationship and may need their parents to make a firmer decision. Some teenagers are even reassured when a parent makes a definite rule in this area even though they may protest loudly. However, for other teenagers a blanket ban may not be effective and could be even counterproductive if it drives a wedge between you and your daughter and pushes her towards her boyfriend.

They key in all this is communication.


From your question it is great to see that you are taking time to talk through all the issues with your daughter. Keep the lines of communication open and make sure to listen to her, as well as stating your own preferences. Take time to understand her point of view. How come this relationship is important to her? What does it mean to her? How important are her studies to her? How much support does she need with school work? Try to respect and understand her choice of this boyfriend — even if you have some reservations.

Then also make sure to express your own concerns and issues: your worry about the age gap and whether she is able to handle this, your concern that she might be distracted from her studies, and so on. Take plenty of time to communicate to see if you can find a win-win solution— a way forward that you are both happy with for example, she sees him at certain times at the weekend and makes sure to work at her studies during the week.

Or is there a workable compromise that she might reluctantly accept — she takes a break from the relationship until the exams are over and, in return, you provide her with rewards or incentives weekend trips, etc. You can, of course, as a parent be definite about a rule in this area, but it is important to discuss it and try to get agreement and to take lots of time to communicate if your daughter feels strongly.

Remember, though stressful, this dilemma represents an opportunity to deepen your relationship with your daughter as well as supporting her in thinking through issues and in learning to make responsible decisions for herself. John Sharry, Irish Times, September Skip to content.

Intimately linked to Keys and Gray. That's the most important thing. Half your age plus 7.

Round down. Beav Football is impatient. Loves Vader's Helmet. Is she turning 18 this year and graduated from high school? I think it is a no, if she is still in highschool but it would be find if she graduated and is entering college or the workforce.

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Believer Posts: 6, No, your mates are jealous. It all depends on how mature she is. Quote from: Barneylfc on August 20,AM.

Pheeny Guest. Quote from: Pheeny on July 28,AM.

There's nothing illegal or immoral going on so if you get on well and there's a connection there then I don't see any problem at all. Tell your mates to pipe down. Quote from: Grobbelrevell on July 28,AM. Ziltoid Grass. See you at next year's panto oh no you won't! Carrot-topped Phallic Snowman Extraordinaire.

I'm leaning towards the category that if I like her and we get along, age . 21 and meet a 18yr old who was entering senior year of high school.

Believer Posts: 16, I met my other half on her 18th birthday, i was Don't see any problem. If you'd been 31 it might have raised an eyebrow. He's got a tattoo on his wrist that says "I hate blackie blackie blackie blacks, and I fucking love handballing it into the opponent's goal and away from my own goal, and biting people, and kicking young kids in the bollocks when they ask for autographs.

And diving.

Now you're an old guys; 17 years ago, do you are 10 of - rich woman 24 my That's why i'm currently 21 year old women, is like a judgmental brow. Started. Recently met a girl through my job (she is a student nurse) She's great and we get on really well. Thing is, she is 17 and im Alot of my mates. Recently met a girl through my job; She's great and we get on really well. Thing is , she is 17 and im Alot of my mates think that the age gap.

I fucking love that. All help appreciated.

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Quote from: a treeless whopper on January 14,PM. Has got a shite bunch of coconuts.

Q. I am writing to you in connection with my teenage daughter. She is 17 years old and is doing her final year at school. She is dating a guy who. Unlike many other states, Texas age of consent laws claim that at 17, not 18, a person can Is it legal for an year-old to date a year-old or year-old?. Is it legal for a year-old to date a year-old You two can date. Just remember the While I'm not saying that would happen, it often does.

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I am 8 years older in age 8 years younger in mind than my gf. It all come down to if both person's maturity level is about the same or not. Zlen Suspicious of systems.

But getting lots. Not wrong at all. Both very young.

In Florida a 16 or 17 y/o can, legally / lawfully, consent to sexual relations with A 21 and 17 year old can date and have sex in Florida. would be fine, but the 4 years between 17 and 21 are a big 4 years. Plus you're (most likely) dating a high schooler. You're probably. I was 17 and had a 21 year old boyfriend (way back when I was that age) . I'm 33 and I'd quite happily go out with a frisky 17 year old:). 0.

Art Vandelay a. Terry Gilliam Believer Posts: 15, No its not wrong, my ex and I were also 17 and 21 when we met, and we went out for 6 years.

Im 17 and dating a 21 year old

Did have some problems but that was more to do with me wanting to make sure that while in a serious relationship I didnt deny her the chance to do all the things a normal 17 year old should be doing if you get what I mean.

Didnt want her saying she missed out on things becuase of me. Likes a man in uniform. If a girl in my year at school started going out with a 21 year old some eyebrows would be raised, but that's just the ridiculous whole school thing where 2 years is the limit. I reckon it's fine to be honest. PSN I. Quote from: kelly34 on July 28,AM. Page created in 0.

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