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A Gemini Man With Virgo Woman, Is This A Good Match?

Virgo and Gemini Relationship

Are the Gemini man and Virgo woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Gemini man and Virgo woman. Gemini man and Virgo woman have personality traits which compliment each other. They can have a good time together if they recognize those qualities in both of them. A Gemini man can be very unemotional and very rational at times.

Shrugging Off Criticism. However, this couple have a lot to learn from one another.

Although both ruled by Mercury, they express this communicative energy in very different ways. The Gemini is a natural salesmanfull of confidence and energy and verve. The Virgo woman is much more quiet and modest about her abilities in public, but in private she uses the power of Mercury to criticize and to shape others and herself. Gemini man Virgo woman compatibility often flounders when it comes to issues of stability, however.

The good news, however, is that their mutability means that both of these intelligent partners can talk things through until they find a compromise which is right for them. Of all the sun sign pairings, its perhaps in Gemini man Virgo woman compatibility that compromise is best illustrated.

However, this affects them in different ways, for Gemini is a masculine sign, always ready to explore, while Virgo is a feminine sign, shy and sensitive.

Relationships between a Gemini man & a Virgo woman can be great, but are also challenging. The effort is worth the reward. Learn more about.

Their sexual relationship is hardly promising, but they both have the need to communicate. If they find a language they both understand, they might agree on the way their sexual life is to progress. However, there is a big chance that endless discussions will not lead to their mutual understanding, leaving them distant and not interested to share any sexual experiences.

If they fall in love, they will use enough tenderness and respect to make their sex life work, but it will still rarely be satisfying for both partners. They are both curious, but not in the same way, and have an extrovert vs. While Gemini would often like to be free to get naked and run around the streets, Virgo would prefer if everyone kept their bodily fluids to themselves.

What a combination! The good thing is that they are not prone to jealousy, or they would probably kill each other after a couple of weeks. Gemini is not someone Virgo can trust. When Virgo starts doubting and analyzing everything, Gemini will simply fly away, in the best case scenario.

The Gemini man is drawn to the Virgo woman because he's intrigued by her mysterious, slightly chaste air, and her obvious ability to talk and to intellectualize . When they are on their first dates, the Virgo woman and the Gemini man will struggle to impress each other. She will seem uninterested but. Love match compatibility between Gemini man and Virgo woman. Read about the Gemini male love relationship with Virgo female.

If they have a touch through maleficent planets, such as Mars, this will not end there, but in endless fights and conflicts on trust and fidelity. The key here is for Gemini to get back to planet Earth and respect the sensitive nature of their partner. They can build their security and be free to be who they are at the same time. Also, Virgo will have to open up, or they will never find a way to stay together. They are ruled by the same planet, master of communication, Mercury.

Even if they have a fight, they will still be good at talking.

If you're looking on how compatible are Gemini man and Virgo woman and how you can bring that Gemini man closer, you're on the right. Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, not a very sexual planet at first glance. However, this affects them in different ways, for Gemini is a masculine sign. As a Gemini man is find his way to the Virgo woman.

Their view on intellect could be a bit different though. This will set Gemini off to be even more irritating on purpose, because they are everything but stupid. Virgo will probably not fight this, but sit in their room and cry, alone, in the dark.

When these minds come together, there is no problem to stay unsolved, for together, they are Mercury in all its glory. These signs have a mission to unite and transform heavenly ideas into real life, and lift human knowledge step by step, towards divinity. This is a relationship of the Air side of Mercury and its Earth side, grounded and well thought of.

Gemini is considered not that emotional. I have cooled it with him although he is so very sensitive, caring and good in bed. I miss the sex and the way we are together. Secretive with no excuses for omissions in data. Even though we are very good together I must move on for my well-being and self-respect.

I am a Virgo woman who has dated a Gemini male for about 2 months now,at first, it was okay, he was charming, I just felt like he was the shit and I listen to him trying to "change" me and my routine, but lately all of that has become annoying, and he beggs alot, tries to alter the truth when I want to break up, he roars on the outside but he really is a fake, lying big ass teddy bear, I don't like him always thinking he is right and I just want to strangle him now a days, we were friends first for about 3 months, but also, the sex been dead from day one, he loves to have sex, but I get noo enjoyment out of it, it seems to me that he is one of them people who just wants to use people I am a Virgo girl and have met a very humorous and charming Gemini.

He makes me laugh, and I can feel so relaxed and happy around him He always plays with my emotions, and I can't ever read him. He tends to be so distant, but then he is the one that always wants to keep in contact with me. I figure that he only wants to be with me sometimes, and the rest of his time is with other women. My relationship, in all honesty, is quite tiring and confusing.

But I don't know what to believe I wish I never met him I am a Virgo woman with a Gemini man. When I first met him I honestly attempted to have nothing to do with him.

Gemini man and Virgo woman compatibility. Guide to dating, love and sex with articles, scores, advice and more. Visitor forum for questions and experiences. Find out Gemini man and Virgo woman zodiac signs compatibility characteristics. Unveil detail of each sign to see how its compatible in love, relationship, trust. Gemini man and Virgo woman have personality traits which compliment each other. They can have a good time together if they recognize those qualities in both.

Once we became friends things kicked off pretty fast. We are actually about to cross our one year mark of marriage. Like others here we used to argue a lot but honestly is stupid little things and we are no where near ending it. He is the bossy type while I am stubborn so at times it can be frustrating.

I am always willing to help while he could sometimes careless about helping people. I am always planning things while he is a last minute guy. I don't like my things to be moved while he can't stop. He has played the role of Mr. Desiciplune to our hyper active kittens while I'm their favorite who saves them.

I guess im saying that sometimes opposites can attract and actually work. Good luck to you all I move in a new apartment and he lived upstairs from me with his girlfriend. I feel so bad for dealing with someone in a relationship but he's just so charming and the sex is crazy I'm a Virgo, 18 and he's a 21 Gemini.

We met through Volleyball in our school. We've been dating for 9 months, going 10th! I understand how a Virgo feels, and I always felt that I'm not appreciated for what I've done. I get Jealous and etc. He's the one that's "over-friendly" if you get what I mean. Also, occasionally flirts with some girls. As a Virgo, I do think we're always jealous, want attention and I'm always scared that he'll break up with me some day.

We don't fight but we do argue sometimes. But, seriously, I think as a Virgo we should open up for once! Have fun in this relationship. As long as I trust, as long as I believe, we will be together. I know all you need is something that can clear your mind; Gemini is not bad for a Virgo.

All you need is trust him, don't show too much love, and it will work out! Have fun in this relationship! I am a Virgo woman, my 1st boyfriend was Gem. I loved him then and 34 years later I still love him. Even though we didn't work out because of his mom, we are still in touch and still friends to this day. I also had another boyfriend who was a Gem, we were together for 9 years, it was like dating Jeckel and Hyde.

If it wasn't for the fact I loved the guy I wouldn't have put myself through 9 years of sheer torture. I feel sorry for the woman that ends up with him for sure. I have currently been married to an Arese for 18 years and it has been bliss.

Gemini and Virgo here same age 25 this year and it's 5. I'm trying to get away he is very persistant but only when he wants it. Sometimes he's everything I've ever wanted but I guess it's just a game.

He never makes me feel safe quite the opposite. I fell in love with a Gemini man at age 23 we were to get married but had problems with family on race issues. Did I mention he was a baby I am a Gemini male dating a Virgo woman for 9 months now I'm a Virgo woman married to a Gemini man. Been married now for 20yrs. I'm 40 and he's It was love at first site for us, we did everything together. I have to say that I was a sexual adventurous person and he was crazy about me.

He was then a gentlemen, thoughtful, loving, showered me with gifts, etc. He always had wondering eyes, that made me jealous.

A Gemini Man With Virgo Woman, Is This A Good Match?

After 10 years of marriage things changed I believe he got bored and wanted new adventures. The things he use to do are things of the past. He's distant, we don't sleep together because I don't trust him, and he's ok with that. He doesn't want to give me a divorce so I guess I'm stuck. The thing is Gemini are loving people but they get bored.

Hopefully you can find one that lasts forever in a relationship. I'm a Virgo with Gemini rising. Thats quite a bit of Mercury. I once had an Gemini acquaintance, Andrew, whom I was mesmerized by. He always had one woman or another but he was never WITH them in pub.

Always hanging out with the guys. My then Aquarian boyfriend, Gus, and I broke up so he asked his Gemini friend Andrew to help him patch things up between us. Andrew and I met at 5PM for a drink. Our first ever solo meeting. We talked and I started liking him immediately. At 7 we went to dinner, at 11 we were dancing away somewhere, and finally at 2.

Needless to say, we grew very fond of each other. We spent so much time together. He often stayed the night in the spare bedroom.

Virgo Woman Gemini Man – A Difficult & Disagreeable Match

My Gemini rising makes me appear the same as a Gemini Sun. So I understand now when they say Gemini's spend more time with their friends than their partners. Needless to say, old boring Aquarius never found out. What you have to bear in mind is that both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury.

Already there you have too much intellect that needs a great amount of stimulation which you get from this union. OMG, not to mention all the communication that goes on between the two. The ideas that are borne out of normal conversation just never takes form because all the talking takes up a lot of time.

You also have to look at the bigger picture, are the placements of your other planets compatible. Once you have this knowledge you can work with it and you can make the relationship work.

Gemini man and virgo woman dating

Knowledge is power. I recently met a Gemini who is deployed in Afghanistan. At my age I am skeptical. Maybe he is the one. He is so gentle, caring, loving. Communication is erratic because of his deployment, but I get butterflies when I see his e-mails at the age of I have learnt not to have expectations so what do I have to lose. Relationships are an emotional investment and investments are usually risky by their very nature.

To all the Virgo ladies out there, empower yourselves. Do a compatibility chart and if you care for your Gemini, you have the tools to make it work.

Oh, and stop being afraid to get hurt. It is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved. Best wishes to all of you. Remember to empower yourselves. Get to know his Rising sign, moon sign, love sign and "good Luck". You are responsible for your own happiness.

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