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Mine 28 members. They are twice our Team Power even if we could field a full roll, this is worse than before. This is going to force us to field a full field of 1 star. Good luck on thatЕ I guess you MUST put 5 heroes now for any defense and minimum loss will be 20 points each. Our team: max power of any team is about , and only 3 of us can field teams that strong.

Each Base is worth up to 3 Flags depending on how much of the base you destroy similar to Stars. The Alliance with the most flags at the end of the war wins.

Q: League events are called Seasons.

What will AvA events be called? A: Alliance War events and leagues are independent of each other and can run at the same time. Q: Will Alliance Wars be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? A: A leader can start an Alliance War whenever they're ready, there's not a set schedule. We recommend only participating in a war if your alliance is active and prepared to fight!

Q: Can alliance officers add players to the alliance during an Alliance war? A: Player's can be added to an alliance during a war but they will be unable to fight in the war. They will need to wait until the war is over and they opt-in for th next one. Q: Are alliance officers to remove players from the alliance during an Alliance War? A: Player's can be removed from an alliance and will be unable to contribute to the war unless they rejoin the alliance. A: Players can leave an alliance at anytime.

Q: Are players to join an 'open' type alliance during an Alliance War? A: Player's can join an alliance at any time, as above they will be unable to participate in the war.

Alliance War

Q: How long will each battle last? A: Each war lasts 2 days, a day to prepare with Strike Forces and Reserves and a day to battle.

Q: Can the same alliance member attack more than once in any battle? A: Yes each member receives 2 attacks. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. How does my Alliance fight in a war? That's why you have to get all the bits and pieces right.

The good news for us is we've only scratched the surface in terms of market penetration. It's a disheartening truth, particularly for smaller studios hoping that creativity and innovation will make up for a lack of marketing budget. Not every mobile start-up can hope to attract investors in the same way Small Giant has, not will they be able to build a 'warchest', as Soininen referred to it, in order to invest in user acquisition profitably.

War matching

Try different things, especially if the numbers are telling you the prefixed approach is not working". We pretty much had to know very quickly whether the numbers were correct.

If the numbers didn't add up in terms of retention and monetisation, we needed to kill this baby quickly so we still had one more shot.

You have to be really on top of the numbers. Soininen encourages studios to essentially build a model for their marketing and try to find out which tactics and creatives work best.

Testing different channels will show the sort of attention you can gain through things like Facebook. This, the CEO warns, does require spending a little money, but building this model is essential. It probably took us six months to get to that level, and by that time the game was pretty much ready.

Empires & Puzzles is an epic, brand new, fun match-3 RPG! Welcome to the Matchmaking is based on trophy count. Generally youll face. Empires & Puzzles is an epic, brand new, fun match-3 RPG! . I find the matchmaking to be very close, within a few hundred points in 80% of. I DO KNOW its not necessarily your xp or HQ level but the MEDAL COUNT that affects war matchmaking, retalliations, and who youre ranked.

Preparing the marketing model while the game is still in development is also essential to getting investors on board. We said, 'we've got a good game, good metrics, we've scratched the surface here but this is the area we need money or help with'.

TITAN MAFIA Ц An Empires & Puzzles Users Group Ц Tools and Tips. Providing an Empires & Puzzles Weekly game and Hero Update! Also including an. Added a countdown to the start of matchmaking. You can now see the remaining War Energy of the whole alliance. You can now see your. A: Matchmaking is just based on the players who the leader has chosen to participate. The matchmaker attempts to find matches where each player in the.

When you tell that story, it makes you really credible, rather than spending your life trying to bullshit your way through, painting too pretty a picture. While Soininen can't tell us anything about it, he does reveal the project is currently in early consumer testing and may be ready for a soft launch later this year.

Sorry but, It's a joke? My aliance: 27 members Power 20th member Aliance score 79k (36k+43k) Oponent aliance: 30 members Power. You must choose to participate in wars before the matchmaking phase Empires & Puzzles matches alliances of similar strength based off the War Score. When we meet at Casual Connect London, CEO and co-founder Timo Soininen tells us Empire & Puzzles stands at million daily active.

However, he stresses that 90 per cent of the studio's efforts are still focused on the roadmap for its flagship game. The recently added Alliance Wars, for example, "saw massive improvements in our KPIs" and the studio is keen to explore this further. Plus, new levels, new heroes and new gameplay modes are all in the works to keep those millions of players engaged as long as possible.

Alliance Wars matchmaking now takes previous wars into account. It may take a few wars to see the biggest benefits. Version 15 Alliance Wars improvements and changes: Players can now individually opt out. When a player leaves an alliance during a battle, their war defense team stays on the battlefield.

Players can edit their war defense team anytime outside an active battle. Inactive players are automatically excluded from matchmaking.

Empires and puzzles matchmaking

You can now see how much War Energy each player has remaining. You can now inspect your remaining heroes without committing to an attack. The bonus points you get from defeating a team is lowered from 2x points to 1. The victory points for defeating a team is halved from 20 points to It allows the Alliance Leaders to opt-out their whole alliance from the wars.

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