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The Most WTF? Moments of Mad Men Season Six Rolling Stone

Mad Men: The Tragedy of Betty Draper

Mad Men 's two-hour season premiere culminated on January 1st, , ushering in one of the most turbulent years in American history. Series creator Matthew Weiner even told Rolling Stone he felt "was, as far as I can tell, the worst year in American history since Here we thought Sally's age of innocence was tossed out the window when she caught Roger receiving an oral examination from Marie Calvet. Boy, were we wrong. Nothing can compare to the sheer revulsion of walking in on your father getting it on with not only a woman who is not his wife, but the mother of your current crush. Sally had snuck into the Rosens' apartment to retrieve an "I like you" letter for Arnold and Sylvia's year-old son, Mitchell, but she left with a damaged soul and Don, having unwisely rekindled his affair with his downstairs neighbor, lost the love and support of the one female he still trusted and respected. Most likely forever.

Betty orders Bobby to eat the candy and is visibly irritated with him for the rest of the day. When they return home, neither is willing to talk about what happened. Henry insists that the children love her, but Betty believes it will change in time.

In episode 5, "Runaways", Betty speaks her mind about the Vietnam Warcausing a rough patch between herself and the conservative Henry during a dinner party.

Megan Calvet is Don Draper's wife and worked at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. After Betty fired Carla, Don offered to double Megan's salary if she was seen cleaning up the mess left by the party in her underwear, she was cold with Don.

Bobby overhears the arguing and sees Henry sleeping in the den. When Sally comes home after getting hurt faux sword-fighting at Miss Porter's, Bobby asks her if Betty and Henry are getting a divorce. Sally assures him they aren't, and Bobby tells her he wishes he could go with her to school. At the end of the episode, Betty resents Henry for telling her what to do, say, and think. In episode 9, "New Business," Betty is revealed to be pursuing a master's degree in psychology at Fairfield University in Connecticut.

In episode 13, "The Milk and Honey Route," Betty begins to feel dizzy and winded at school and falls down while climbing the stairs, fracturing her rib. When she sees her doctor, Betty is shocked to discover that her recent lightheadedness is a sign of aggressive, advanced lung cancer that has begun to spread throughout her body. Both Henry and Sally pressure her to undergo chemotherapybut she stoically refuses, saying "I've learned to believe people when they say it's over.

I know your life will be an adventure. I love you, Mom. In the series finale, "Person to Person," Betty insists to Don and apparently to Henry that her children should live with her brother William and his wife after her death, so that the boys will have a woman in their lives.

Draper follows his protege into her office and uses a very nasty tone as he .. Betty is finally growing up: resolved to accept the fact that the Don she .. with Pete and had no interest in hooking up with any of the girls there?. Ranking All of the Women Don Draper Hooked Up With on Mad Men . I respect the way she owns her Betty-ness: She's frustrated and not. Elizabeth "Betty" Hofstadt Francis (formerly Draper) is a fictional character on AMC's television She grew up in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia Betty and Don Draper live in a large house in suburban Ossining, New York, with their By the start of the second season, set in February , she had.

Betty is last seen reading a newspaper at her kitchen table while smoking a cigarette, as Sally washes dishes in the background. January Jones has earned nominations and accolades for her portrayal of Betty Draper.

She was jointly nominated on six occasions for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Seriesin,andwinning twice in and From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Don Draper m. Henry Francis m.

Elizabeth "Betty" Hofstadt was born in and is the ex-wife of Don Draper. Although she brings up the subject of abortion with her doctor, and also has sex. help me keeping making content like this paypal [email protected] Jon Hamm as Don Draper January Jones as Betty Francis and Mason Vale If anything, it proved how much Betty has wised up to her former.

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Megan Calvet

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mad Men character. January Jones as Betty Draper. In combination with psychosocial stressors and the exclusion of a neurological cause, it seems likely that Betty was experiencing Conversion Disorder.

It was during these meetings that, after having discovered that the psychiatrist was giving reports of her sessions to Don, she either admitted, or to "test the waters," threw out the suspicion that she knew of her husband's infidelities. Sometime by Februarythe consultations were stopped. After a dinner party where Betty is embarrassed to be considered a "demographic" by Don Draper and his associates, she confronts her husband about his adultery, specifically with Bobbie Barrett.

The next day, with a glass of wine in hand, Betty searches through Don's belongings for any proof of his indiscretions, but does not find it. Betty awakens Don - who is sleeping on the couch - that night and explains that she doesn't want things to "be like this. After seeing this, she calls Don at work and tells him she doesn't want him to come home. Betty does turn to Don when she learns that her father Gene has suffered a stroke.

She and Don leave the children with a neighbor and drive to visit her father; Betty is visibly impatient with both her father's wife Gloria Massey and her brother William.

She and Don are careful to present a united front. At the end of a stressful day, Betty makes Don sleep on the floor of the guestroom, but later joins him on the floor where they make love.

The next morning, Betty's father mistakes Betty for her mother Ruth, suggesting that they "go upstairs.

Don and Betty reigniting old flames (s6e9 Mad Men)

Betty discovers she is pregnant around the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Although she brings up the subject of abortion with her doctor, and also has sex with a random man at a bar, she asks Don to return home and tells him that she is pregnant.

He is infatuated with her, and though she seems reluctant to return his feelings, their affair intensifies, though Betty eventually ends it, feeling guilty. In November, Don is cornered by Betty, who has managed to unearth evidence of Don's past life via pictures and documents from a locked drawer in his desk.

He tells her about his life as Dick Whitman, how he came to exchange dog tags with Lieutenant Don Draper, and Adam's suicide. While apparently somewhat sympathetic to his feelings of guilt about the latter, Betty is highly conflicted about the fact that Don has hidden this aspect of his life from her for the duration of their relationship and marriage.

After President Kennedy's death and Margaret Sterling 's wedding, Betty meets with Henry Franciswho confesses to her that he wishes to eventually marry her. They passionately kiss, and after the encounter, Betty returns home to tell Don she no longer loves him, leaving him stunned and distraught.

This culminates in her seeing a divorce lawyer. Roger Sterlingwhose daughter is friends with Francis' daughter, unintentionally reveals to Don that Betty is having an affair.

Here Are All 15 Women Don Draper Has Been With On Mad Men . Don and Betty's divorce, Roger Sterling's wife, Jane, hooks Don up with. At the start of his inappropriate relationship with Betty Draper (slash Betty and Glen's weird relationship concludes when an all-grown-up. In a rare show of fatherly attachment Don even joins in a song with Betty and his adoring son. But in true Mad Men style Don ends up sharing a.

An incensed Don confronts Betty. After calling her a whore, he assures her that she "won't get a nickel" in the ensuing divorce and that he intends to seek sole custody of the children. The next morning, he and Betty tell the children of the new arrangement, and both see the level of damage the end of their marriage will deal to the kids. After moving into Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce 's new office, Don calls Betty and tells her that he will not fight her, and wishes her the best.

Don draper and betty hook up

She then travels to Reno with baby Gene and Henry. Almost a year after Betty and Don Draper 's divorce, both she and Henry Francis were still living in Don's home, a house he was still paying for.

Don requests that if they do not move out soon, he will need to start collecting rent. After Don leaves, Henry tells Betty that he agrees with Don and that it is time for Betty to start looking for a house, and is promptly rebuffed by Betty.

Henry's mother Pauline Francis does not approve of Betty, who makes a bad impression at Thanksgiving dinner when she tries to force Sally Draper to eat the food that was being served. Glen Bishop tells Sally that Betty and Don will never get back together, but that Betty and Henry will decide to move soon. While the family is out of the house, Glen and a friend trash the house. Henry searches the house, to find the rest of the house trashed.

After Sally cuts her hair while under the supposed care of Don, Betty slaps her upon her return. Henry tries to tell Betty that young girls do these sorts of things, taking memories from his own time raising his now grown daughter, to which Betty calls him soft.

Double whoops. Faye is a "modern" woman independent and career-oriented, she is a successful consultant to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. She initially turns Don down after his success at the Clios.

Later in Season 4, however, they start a secret relationship. Don cuts off his fling with Faye by announcing his engagement. Formerly Megan Calvet, the new Mrs.

Draper is Don's receptionist turned copywriter turned commercial actress turned wife. Megan has a great record taking care of Don's kids, traveling to California with the family in Season 4 to help out.

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MAD MEN: Don Draper beds his ex-wife Betty as Megan calls him out for his straying ways

LinkedIn icon The word "in". Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. He's been married twice, divorced once, slapped, manipulated, and heartbroken. Some characters are obvious; others you won't even remember. Played by January Jones. Played by Rosemarie Dewitt.

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