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Can I get some peoples opinions on joker and EDI as an item? .. minor spoilers : masseffect

Mass Effect 3: Joker & EDI romance

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Flight Lieutenant Jeff "Joker" Moreau is the pilot of the SSV Normandy. Shepard tries to convince Joker to abandon the ship, but Joker insists he can save it, . ex equipped with a Thanix cannon if he and EDI ever hooked up then broke up. board topic titled "So has Joker hooked up with EDI or what? stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything".

Her body is an infiltration unit, it's heavily implied that she comes fully equipped. Han Shot First wrote Destroy Im glad someone appreciated that! Put EDI's white outfit on.

She is anatomically correct. I find it's crewl to get them together because I will always pick destroy. If Shepard fails to escape the Collector base, Joker is seen briefly mourning over the Commander's coffin, and he is the only one left to speak with the Illusive Man in the mission debriefing instead.

When Commander Shepard surrendered to Alliance custody, Joker was also arrested, though no charges were filed against him. As part of the deception, EDI pretended to only respond to Joker's commands. This meant, during the Alliance retrofit of the Normandy, that Joker was often brought in under guard to liaise between the crew and EDI, as the Alliance was initially unsure how to disable this system.

Whichever the case, he is clearly impressed with his "new" co-pilot, either commenting he "would've baked a cake" in its hotness or that the body gives EDI "sweet flexibility".

During one of the crew's Citadel breaks, Joker can be found sitting on a bench in the Presidium Commons. He expresses disdain over the Citadel denizens' seeming indifference on the war, what with more frivolous reports like Blasto 6 breaking opening-week records than the ongoing Reaper invasion.

Meanwhile, everyone is ignoring EDI, whom he introduced as his "mobility assistance mech". Thanks to his Vrolik syndrome, he's legally entitled to bring her anywhere, and he also opines that EDI's earned a little shore leave herself. If female, Shepard can ask Joker why he never pursued a relationship with her instead.

Joker responds that he never really considered it and he did not wish to break rank. He returns his attention to EDI, and asks for Shepard's opinion on the matter. If pushed to form the relationship, he leaves the bar to join EDI on the dance floor, later sharing a table with her and commenting on the looks of various women wielding considerable political power rating Tevos and Sha'ira as "hot", Irissa as "not hot" because of "too much makeup", and Dalatrass Linron as "ew". If not, he doesn't budge from his position, sarcastically offering to guard the table EDI is at.

The Commander asks him why the jokes, and Joker reasons he's just trying to provide comic relief. According to EDI, stress levels registered by Shepard's armor exceed those incurred in previous career-defining missions.

Shepard can rudely brush the concern aside, in which case Joker drops the matter entirely, or express appreciation at the pilot's thought then brush the concern aside. Joker doesn't believe the Commander is fine, and reveals his lingering guilt over causing Shepard's death and subsequent cybernetic reconstruction way back. Shepard cheers him up, and with Joker somewhat back to his snarky self leaves him with a reminder for the work ahead. Just before Shepard leaves the Normandy for the last time during the final assault on Earth, Joker takes the time to stand up, salute the Commander on the cockpit, and bid them be careful.

Later, provided Shepard chooses to activate the CrucibleJoker waits until the last minute to pick the Commander up, refusing to move the Normandy out of the Crucible's blast range until one of Shepard's companions convinces him of the need.

His piloting skills help put some distance between the Normandy and the Crucible's blast, but the ship nevertheless crash-lands on a tropical planet.

If Shepard chooses to activate the Crucible, Joker, Samantha Traynorand any surviving squad members can be seen paying their respects to the fallen, placing the Commander's name above Admiral Anderson's on the Memorial Wall aboard the Normandy. If Shepard chooses to use the Crucible to merge organic and synthetic life, Joker appears to have glowing green circuit lines on his body and eyes representing the techno-organic fusion that has changed everyone in the galaxy.

They are interrupted by Alliance Staff Analyst Maya Brookswho claims there are some people out to kill the Commander. Soon after, a bunch of fully-armed individuals march to the restaurant, bringing out firearms and shooting up the place.

Under cover, Shepard instructs Joker to find the crew, and when Joker waddles out, Shepard assassinates a mook unlucky enough to take note of the pilot.

Joker never lives this incident down, claiming "Savior of the Citadel uses brittle-bones guy as bait" or other such reminders during the fiasco. After Shepard and the team are freed from the Citadel Archives by GlyphJoker arrives to take Shepard and their choice of squadmates to retake the Normandy.

While the clone fights Shepard in the cargo hold, Joker and Cortez prevent the merc pilot from jumping to FTL by flying close to the nose section of the frigate in a skycar. After the clone is defeated, he secures the Normandy systems with EDI's help. Joker speaks at Thane 's funeral if Shepard accepts Kolyat 's request to hold a memorial service.

Pornographic material must be redirected to these subs and is not allowed here. In the ending moments of this series, my first thoughts were with Joker and because I chose the red ending, the lack of EDI.

I mean of course I did, but you get my meaning.

I've told them both not to hook up for several playthroughs now. I tell EDI not to at the store on the Citadel, and I tell Joker not to at purgatory. it more as a 'wait until after all this is over before you rush in to anything' than a 'no, don't ever do it'. The pivotal sequence for the Joker-EDI romance relationship occurs after If you do then they will not then if Joker survives the crash of the. Did you support James and Ashley hooking up or told them to cool it? Joker. EDI. Don't remember this one. I was in a romance with Ashley so.

I am fine with it. There really is no real ethical dilemma there.

Shepard can take either Joker's or EDI's side, or chastise them both for their childish . After the krogan female has been recovered from Sur'Kesh, EDI brings up later, Joker tells EDI about a common joke between krogan and salarians set. EDI. Short-Version. You don't get to have any relationship with her, but you can help her get hooked up with Joker. Just talk to her about it on. I love it, so I do everything in my power to make sure they hook up. . I don't mind the Joker/EDI romance - they are both clearly sapient and.

EDI has a personality. She is not a thing, she is not a chatbot like the one in the movie Her, she is a personality that is housed within specific hardware.

She has a unique "brain" if you will. Otherwise dating aliens be it turian, asari of quarian would be out of the question too as their "hardware" is not biologically compatible either.

Although, considering that Asari reproduce via some sort of mind-meld thing, one wonders if and why they have anyer, hardware down there at all or they are basically barbie dolls Especially considering how human-like they are.

I have this theory that the Protheans that were watching over early humans were part of the same group that uplifted asari to a civilization so they could have also messed with their DNA to make them compatible.

Do joker and edi hook up

In ME universe asari by the rules of ME universe would of course have all the required equipment for standard sex. But their version of reproduction is not biologically compatible with humans or any other species. Theirs is kinda randomized parthogenesis. Joker's a bit of an immature manchild, so I'm happy he found someone who could tolerate him romantically speaking. Poor guy obviously wasn't drowning in poon for most of his life. Everything about him reminds me of one of my friends from high school.

And there's nothing wrong with it in my opinion. My Shepard chooses Liara, and interspecies relationships are perfectly fine in my book. I mostly just wish we'd had dialogue options to encourage EDI to spend some time improving her taste in men.

In general, I don't think the writers of ME3 really grasped the consequences of EDI's personhood and how it has so many logistical, moral, and legal issues, and they swept them all under the rug in the name of "Synthetics are people too".

How will they maintain their relationship if the Alliance reassigns or replaces joker?

If EDI is a person, what are her rights if she doesn't want to serve the Alliance anymore? Can she bring the Normandy with her?

She can't be easily moved elsewhere. Even if the Alliance was okay - or required - to let EDI go off on her own, does she owe them for the costs of retrofitting and upgrading the ship after ME2? Eventually the Normandy will become out-of-date, or Joker will be too old to pilot ships. That's going to have consequences for them.

Mass Effect 3 Joker and Edi Romance

I'm not saying there aren't good answers to those questions, but the writers never attempted to even answer them. Has it ever been brought up if Joker and EDI You know.

Jeff "Joker" Moreau

I'm curious with his disability and her being a robot and all. While Mordin is on the Normandy with Eve, Shepard can walk into the med bay to overhear a conversation that Joker is having with Mordin over the speakers. Joker is asking about the logistics of the act with EDI and Mordin is giving his medical opinion.

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