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Dating dos and don'ts: See the creepy instructional film for teens from . Daily Mail Online

Teen Dating Dos and Don'ts in the 1940s - Flashback - History

Shows the progress of the date, from choosing the right girl and asking her through the last "good night. Not like just going around with the crowd! At crucial moments in the date, the narrator stops the action and presents Woody with several possible options for his actions. Happily, Woody makes all the correct decisions and ends up walking home from Ann's doorstep whistling with satisfaction at a job well done. Uploaded on July 16, Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language.

Equestrian Acrobats.

Do's and Don't of Dating from 1949

Dark Magic. Old Shep. The Cummington Story Short Documentary. War refugees begin new lives in a small Massachusetts town. A Thrill for Thelma Certificate: Passed Short Crime Drama. A young girl, wanting a life of luxury, takes the "easy" way, and winds up in jail. Hot Money Comedy Short.

'Dating Do's and Don'ts': Relationship Etiquette From From Coronet Instructional Films, dating advice for teens After Allan Woodrow. Oh, if only the MST3K guys had gotten their hands on this piece of work. See, back in , teens had Kodachrome movies to teach them about. HOW do you choose a date? Whose company would you enjoy? Why not consider looks..? Why not consider good-looking Janice? Well, she is.

A thief on the run dumps some hot money in Thelma and Patsy's lap. What Price Safety! Short Crime Drama. Merrily We Live Certificate: Passed Comedy Romance.

Number, Please? Certificate: Passed Short Comedy Romance. Get Out and Get Under Certificate: Passed Comedy Short. Roadblock Crime Drama Film-Noir. High Dive Kids Short Sport. Equestrian Acrobats Documentary Short. Dark Magic Old Shep Drama Short. A man sadly faces the euthanasia of his old and faithful dog. Edit Cast Uncredited cast: Jackie Gleason Ann uncredited John Lindsay Edit Storyline Woody's friend George has given him a couples ticket to the upcoming Hi-Teen Carnival at their high school.

Language: English.

Runtime: 13 min. Reviewer: marzneedzwomen - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 28, Subject: Has anyone mentioned this before on this site I've seen "Dating Do's and Don'ts numerous times but never in beautiful kodachrome! Here's the amazing thing Wood Jr. I was unaware of this until several years after seeing.

Reviewer: Gman - favorite favorite favorite - July 12, Subject: Sweet and innocent.

Dating dos and donts 1949

It was kind of sweet. Maybe life was never really that innocent but it's not an outlandish ideal.

Reviewer: Dave Zwerdling - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 12, Subject: Select a Date to Load Don't forget to save your dating experience before making important, game-effecting decisions such as making rude invitations to date or coming onto your date while walking her up to her door! The second 'goodbye' ending was the best.

Reviewer: coryanderson89 aim - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 11, Subject: Wow Haha, this movie was so funny.

It's the cheeseiest film I've ever seen, that's why it's so funny. Eddie probably got a factory job just out of high school, an option not open to high school grads today.

'Dating Do's and Don'ts': Relationship Etiquette From 1949

Their dad is probably also a factory worker. Middle-aged people were not obsessed with trying to look young in those days.

The Hi-Teen Carnival that Woody and Ann go to is wholesome and innocent, as are all the teen activities in Coronet films. Reviewer: surlychick - favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 13, Subject: The other girls So the first possible date was a snob boo!

Just because she likes to sit quietly and talk doesn't mean she's "no fun to be with" and not good enough for Woody. Actually, I guess she should count her blessings in not being stuck with that dork Here's a question: why is she eating cotton candy with such gusto but is so dainty with the hot dog? Note: phallic symbols abound in this film. Reviewer: Spuzz - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 14, Subject: One of the greats!

Directed by Ted Peshak. With Jackie Gleason, John Lindsay. A teen boy is given advice on what to do, and what not to do, on a date.

I find so many new things every time I watch it. When Woody takes Ayyy-unn to the fair, when Woody is chewing away on his hot dogs, yet Ayyyyy-unn takes just a gingerly nibble? All of these insubtleties! Reviewer: Christine Hennig - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 18, Subject: Dating Do's and Don't's A classic of film ephemera, not least for its title. Woody stop that sniggering!

They also show us what not to do on a date. Lots of mileage has been gotten from clips from this film. A less well-known section I think is worth mentioning is the part where Woody decides who he is going to ask on his date.

He also convinces their mother to allow Woody to go on his first date even though he is young, with her adding that it would be acceptable provided that Woody only dates on weekends and comes home at a reasonable hour. As Woody prepares for his date, his mother and father reflect on their own first dates to remind Woody how important it is for him to show up on time.

His mother adds that any girl who is not ready for him on time is not worthy of going out with "my boy". The film ends with Woody leaving the door outside Anne's home, whistling happily as he contemplates his next date. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Play media. Relationship Advice from the 's: Dating Do's and Don'ts DVD ( ): Movies & TV. A nice little film showing teens of that era how to begin dating. I've seen " Dating Do's and Don'ts numerous times (but never in beautiful. Dating Do's and Don'ts is a instructional film designed for American high schools, to teach adolescents basic dating skills, produced by Coronet.

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