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The Problem with Austin Dating Scene.. I SINGLE'S GUIDE TO TEXAS 1/2

When Woody takes Ayyy-unn to the fair, when Woody is chewing away on his hot dogs, yet Ayyyyy-unn takes just a gingerly nibble. All of these insubtleties. Reviewer: Christine Hennig - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 18, Subject: Dating Do's and Don't's A classic of film ephemera, not least for its title.

Woody stop that sniggering. They also show us what not to do on a date. Lots of mileage has been gotten from clips from this film.

Great guide to date the image, but not the post card itself. For example, I collect images of Boulder Dam, now Hoover Dam, the same image, with the same CT number was first issued in the 's and again in the 's, only change is the name of dam.

Other changes, clouds, etc have been made on cards, again using the same number.

Part 2: Dating Challenges In Dallas

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