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Figure skaters who ice skate or ice dance in pairs have long been fooling the world with their undeniable chemistry. Each time these athletic couples take the ice, just about everyone finds themselves wondering if they are dating or in love. Here are the figure skating pairs competing in the Winter Olympics who are in romantic relationships:. Chock and Bates have been ice skating partners for years, but they only started dating about a year ago. Skating together is something that we love doing, and we love doing it together.

2019 WC Chock & Bates RD ESP

Championships and were named in the U. Olympic team.

PHOTOS: Which Figure Skating Pairs Are Dating?

They finished eighth at the Winter Olympics in SochiRussia. The team went on to win the silver at the Grand Prix Final in December and then their first senior national title, at the U.

Championships in January. In March, they capped off their season with silver at the World Championships in ShanghaiChina.

Ranked first in the short dance and second in the free, they finished with a total score 2. At the event, they received comments that " Dark Eyes " was not suitable for a polka rhythm. In December, they placed sixth in the short dance, fourth in the free, and sixth overall at the Grand Prix Final in MarseilleFrance. In January, they ranked second in the short dance and first in the free dance at the U.

Championshipslosing overall to the Shibutanis by 1. They finished seventh overall fourth in the short, eighth in the free at the World Championships in HelsinkiFinland.

Chock competed with an injury after bone fragments chipped off her right ankle in Augustjust before Champs Camp. They placed fifth in the short dance, third in the free, and fifth overall at the December event in NagoyaJapan.

Here's how Olympic ice dancers Evan Bates and Madison Chock fell in love

They were not selected for the team competition but competed in the individual ice dancing event at the Winter Olympicswhich took place in February in GangneungSouth Korea. Chock reinjured her ankle in the final moments of the warm-up before the short dance.

Here's how Olympic ice dancers Evan Bates and Madison Chock fell in love leapt from the friend zone and finally won his skating partner's heart off the ice. We actually went on a date for her 16th birthday nine years ago. American ice dancers Madison Chock and Evan Bates. Skating and dating doesn't work for some people, Mr. Bates said, but we decided. Madison La'akea Te-Lan Hall Chock (born July 2, ) is an American ice dancer. With her As of , she and Bates are dating. Career[edit]. Early years[edit]. Madison Chock began skating at the age of five, having become interested.

Skating their " Imagine " program in the free dance, the blades of their skates caught on the entrance of their combination spin, resulting in both falling and invalidating the entire element. They placed twelfth in the free dance, and ninth overall. Speaking afterward, Chock said that her previous injury was not responsible for the fall, and that at that moment "I knew it was over. I knew there was no shot. After working so hard all this season and going through so much and trying to stay healthy and then just losing it at a crucial moment, it was really, really heartbreaking.

On April 6,Chock underwent surgery to remove the loose bone fragments in her right ankle. Chock's recovery from her ankle surgery necessitated their withdrawal, and they did not compete in the first half of the season.

They then competed at the U. Both praised their new coaches and training environment afterward, with Bates saying they were "really happy with the performance here in Detroit.

But which ones are actually dating in real life? Chock and Bates have been ice skating partners for years, but they only started dating about a. Ice dancing partners Madison Chock, 25, and Evan Bates, 28, have been skating together since , taking home honors like the U.S. Championships.

This self-belief is a belief in each other, our training mates, and coaches, and that is a strength that will carry us back to where we want to go. This was the team's first gold medal at an ISU Championship, prompting Bates to observe "we got a lot of medals, none of them are gold. I am surprised.

If you had told us that we would win Four Continents when we pulled out of the Grand Prix four months ago, I think we would be very surprised. But we're very happy now.

The Official Website of U.S. figure skaters Madison Chock & Evan Bates. Madison Chock and her ice dancing partner, Evan Bates, are dating. Skating together is something that we love doing, and we love doing it. Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships - Day 5 Madison Chock and Evan Bates, however, take that chemistry to another level. The U.S. ice The two began dating in , and so far it's working out pretty well.

Media related to Madison Chock at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Medal record. International Skating Union. Archived from the original on July 19, Barry March 8, Retrieved April 16, Junior Championships". Figure Skating. Archived from the original on Retrieved July 1, Archived from the original PDF on 4 October June 7, Retrieved June 7, Retrieved September 2, June 12, Golden Skate.

Chock and bates figure skating dating

Archived from the original on March 20, Wanted to make the rhythms more clear" Tweet via Twitter. April 11, Detroit Free Press.

Radford came out as gay injust before the Sochi Winter Olympics: "A lot of pairs end up dating one another. It can become risky because your on-ice training can be affected by your off-ice relationship. If you have a fight at home, it makes that training difficult. I used to joke around that I'm the ultimate pair-boy. I never had to worry about developing an off-ice relationship," said Radford in an interview with Outsports. Despite the fact that they aren't a romantic couple, Duhamel and Radford who've skated together since do describe themselves as "soulmates," according to NBC Sports a special chemistry that clearly helped them score their latest Olympic medal.

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Search form Search Shape Magazine. These duos sizzle on the icefind out if they're a couple off the rink. As Seen on Social.

Falling in love while ice skating? Considering all of the chemistry two performers have to develop in order to flawlessly perform complicated routines while wearing death blades on their feet, it helps if they get along. Madison Chock and Evan Bates, however, take that chemistry to another level.

The U.

They recently opened up to People. What a week! Still reeling from all the excitement.

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